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Are you one who has written a book/novel or that is interested in doing so, but have no idea where to start? I have found a few resources that may help you along in your journey. If you’ve already started writting, you are far ahead in the game compared to many who haven’t written anything, and a novel is still a future endeavor.

I’ve been writting most of my life, but never thought I was good enough to be published……UNTIL I read books that I thought weren’t good at all and were published! We all have a story to tell. We all have life lessons and/or traditions to share. And we have no idea who wants to/needs to hear our story, until we tell it!

You may be seasoned where you feel encouraged/brave enough to submit your writings to known publishers for top dollar, go for it! There are also methods used today by those who don’t have the patience to deal with a publishing company, and would much rather keep most of the profits. A publishing company would act as a manager and collect hefty sums when you sell books! 

The big difference in self-publishing and using the traditional method, is the upfront fees are paid by you, and not the publishing company. Usually, the publishing company would handle all press and everything having to do with selling your book, and fees would be deducted. Traditionally, writers once accepted with a publishing company, receive a payment on the strength of their writing and how much they would potentially earn once the books start selling.

 I am also interested in learning more about self-publishing…..I have an idea or two of what I want to write about….just not what to do after that is the issue! I did a bit more searching and went to YouTube to see what they had to say. I’ve posted a couple of videos to get a feel of what experiences have been, and possibly the best choice(s) to make regarding traditional publishing vs. self-publishing.


I hope these videos helped you with your decision. Often, hearing another’s experience can help us decide whether or not we want to take the chance/opportunity to do something or not. It doesn’t mean your experiences will be similar, it’s just kind of an “what if” type of thing.

I don’t currently have a finished manuscript, so I’m not at the publishing stage, but it is wise to research processes beforehand. If you feel the need for legal consultation before signing any contracts, please do so. We have a right to legal counsel in all areas of life, but especially when it comes to contract signing. Much success on your journey!

Self -Publishing Sites

48hrBooks –A platform for authors to self-publish.

Outskirts Press –A platform for authors to self-publish his/her material.

Archway Publishing A platform for authors. Powered by the pros, and published by you.

Mindstir Media –A platform for authors to publish their own writings.

Infinity Publishing –A platform for creators to self-publish his/her content. 

Book Rix –A platform that specializes in e book publishing. Royalties paid monthly.

SmashWords –A platform for writers to publish their own material. Wide distribution network.

Author House –A platform for authors to self-publish their material. Author resources available. 

LuLu –A platform that support writers to self-publish their material.

Xlibris –A platform for writers to self-publish their material.

 Mascot Books –A platform for publishers, both traditional and self-publishing options available.

Mill City Press  –A platform for writers to publish their own material.

Create Space —A platform for writers who wish to self publish. Also free distribution available.

Author Solutions –A platform that allows writers to self-publish.

Instant Publisher  –A platform where writers can self-publish.

Book Whirl –A platform for writers who want to self-publish.

Mission Point Press –A platform where writers are helped to self-publish.

Self Pub –A publishing platform with tons of resources. “How to start your own publishing company”.

Amazon –Has a platform dedicated to those who wish to self-publish. 

Arbor Books –A publishing company that helps authors with self-publishing.


CNet –“Self-Publishing: 25 things you should know”.

Jane Friedman –A self-publishing “How To”.

1106 Design –Resources to help you self-publish. 

Linked in –A resource for my friends in India who wish to self-publish. 

Writing World –An awesome resource for writers at any stage of their creativity. 

AARP –“5 self-publishing scams to avoid”.

The Virgo Girl –A resource list of African American self-publishing companies.

AmericanExpress –A list of the best resources for creators. Create; books, clothing, food and more.

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