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If you have ever applied for a job and a person called you back to set up an interview, that was probably a recruiter. Often recruiters may have other job titles like hiring manager, or talent scout. These persons are in charge of bringing new talent into an organization.

What do Recruiters do?

“- is a recruiter that works for a Contingency Recruiting Agency. These recruiters do full-time employee searches, and are only paid if they find a candidate for a client company. The client company will usually pay a percentage (15-35%) of the first year’s salary to the recruiter.” Sokanu.

“Recruiters are human resource specialists who help interview candidates for a position and assist in hiring the best individual for the job. In addition to screening and interviewing, recruiters may also conduct testing for candidates, check job references and work history, process paperwork and outline employee benefits.” Study.

What training is necessary to become a recruiter?

“To begin a career in recruiting, individuals can work towards a bachelor’s degree. Some colleges offer bachelor’s degree programs in human resources management or in a related area, such as business administration with a specialization in human resources.” Study.

What does a Recruiter earn?

Median salary for (employment, recruitment, and placement specialists) in 2014 was $46,200/year. Keep in mind that median salaries are just a starting point and not necessarily where one would start in the beginning of his-her career.

What does the future hold for Recruiters?

The industry for recruiters has seen and will continue to see change and growth through 2020, as we see social media and content marketing being added to the mix. The use of interactive ads and other such technologies are being implemented to the recruiting industry to aid in higher recruiting numbers/success. The use of recruiting software is on the rise and definitely is a game changer: software has been known to streamline many services, as well as giving a smaller organization a competitive edge by helping workers do his-her job more efficiently.

Concluding Thoughts: Recruiters have an important job, they bring in new workers for an organization by weighing several determinant factors. One can become a professional with a Bachelor degree after just 2 years of study (unless you choose to start at the Associate level). Growth for the industry is expected through 2020 with the aid of social media, recruitment software, and content marketing. Much success on your journey!




Indeed –A job board with open Recruiter positions.

LinkedIn –A job board with open Recruiter positions.

Monster –A job board with open Recruiter jobs.

Recruiter Network –A network for recruiters to get industry

info and search jobs.

Dice –Seeking to fill IT Recruiter positions.

Bull Horn Reach –Seeking to fill Senior Recruiter position.

Flexible scheduling. 25 hours per week minimum (over 3 days). Andover, Massachusetts.

Zip Recruiter –A job board with open Recruiter positions.

UpWork –A job board with open Recruiter positions.

CareerXRoads –A job board with open Recruiter jobs.

Adecco –Seeking to fill a Remote Recruiter (banking) position.

This is a temporary contract position. Must have 1-2 years related

experience. Pay is $23.65/hour. Must live near Mt. Laurel, NJ.

Naukri –A job board with open Technical Recruiter jobs. India.




Telework Recruiting –A resource for Recruiters for industry info

and to search for jobs.

Proven –A list of 100+ job boards for job seekers and recruiters.

Ere Media –“10 ‘bleeding-edge’ recruiting trends…”.




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