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Hello WAH, family! These jobs are for writers with editing experience. Good grammar, attention to detail, ability to meet deadlines will be required. Many if not all jobs listed require some experience, so this may be  a post for more experienced writers.

What does an Editor do?

Sokanu says an editor is someone who is a critical reader, and a lover of words. They will prepare a client’s manuscript for publication by polishing, refining and enhancing it. An editor is seen as a gatekeeper between the writer and audience, and they have to take a dual sided point of view in order to keep both parties happy.

What training/education do Editors need?

According to Study: The second step to becoming an editor centers around earning a bachelor’s degree. A college education is required for most editing jobs. … Although editorial internships are often unpaid, interns gain writing, editing and researching skills and make connections that could help them secure a job.

Of the jobs listed, Writeology seems to be the only one that accepts and nurtures newbie writers. If you are new to writing I would suggest previous posts with listings for newbies. Please be mindful of sign up and application instructions. Much success! Newbies, For writers.



Editing jobs





Registration is free. Ability to regulate workload. Competitive salary. Free introductory training. Wide range of topics. Paid twice per month. Support team available. Adjustable work schedule. Paid vacation for managing editors.


Advanced level of English

Attentiveness to details

Analytical and critical thinking skills

Ability to meet deadlines

Computer literacy





Available work is assigned based on suitable background experience and availability. We have deadlines that range from nine hours to one week, depending on our clients’ requests. Although we have fixed due dates, our independent contract editors can work from any location with access to stable internet and Microsoft Word and are free to designate their own availability and the workload they can handle. Compensation is based on document word count and the turnaround time specified by clients.

Candidates for our freelance editor positions must meet the following requirements.

  • Native fluency in English
  • Be enrolled in or have completed a graduate degree program
  • Minimum two years’ professional editing experience
  • Knowledge of various style guides such as MLA, APA, Chicago Manual of Style
  • Advanced Skills using MS Word and its track change features
  • Strong technical writing skills

Our ideal candidate would meet the requirements above and also:

  • be independent and self-motivated;
  • have previously worked at a professional editing company;
  • have an educational background or experience in medical fields, engineering or other biomedical and natural sciences;
  • be able to meet deadlines; and
  • be passionate about editing and writing.






Help students graduate!

  • Work directly from home, your Airbnb in Mexico or your tent in Nepal.
  • Receive 24/7 assistance from our support team (whether you have a question about Word or simply need a sympathetic ear).
  • Ask our experienced Scribbr editors for feedback and suggestions for how to improve your editing skills.
  • Exchange ideas and discuss language issues with other Scribbr editors via our exclusive Slack community for Scribbr editors.
  • Learn how to edit faster and hone your craft with personalized feedback, targeted tips and exclusive data.

Receive and complete orders

  • You edit theses in Microsoft Word on your computer or laptop from wherever in the world you’d like.
  • You are notified about orders via email, and you can access the details by logging into our online editor interface.
  • You specify your availability and select your preferences for deadlines and fields of study on our website.

Choose your own schedule

  • You only accept jobs that you are willing and able to complete.
  • During busy periods, you can work full-time!


  • You are a native English speaker.
  • You have earned a bachelor’s degree.
  • You are available at least 10 hours a week.
  • You are reliable, flexible and responsive.
  • You find meeting deadlines a breeze.
  • You are inquisitive and interested in different subjects.
  • You have experience in editing (academic) texts.

What to expect:

  • verage earnings of €20 – €25 per hour.
  • Scribbr editor training and intensive support to optimize your skills and knowledge.
  • Access to our detailed information package with many useful editing tips.
  • Contracts based on your availability.
  • 24/7 support to answer your questions.
  • A chance to be part of an innovative, international and growing company.






No set hours! Log on to the Mendr web portal whenever you want and start picking up edits. You build an editor profile and users can request you specifically. When they do, they pay an extra fee that you set. Whenever you receive a direct edit request you receive 100% of your additional fee (minus the transaction cost). In other words, we help you build a following and make more money! This is photo editing. There’s no bidding required for edit jobs. As an editor at Mendr, you get to claim the requests you want and the work is immediately yours. Alongside every available edit request you’ll see how much money you’ll make. Once you complete the job, cashing out is easy via PayPal.

Polished paper




Polished Paper has opportunities for exceptional editors. If you would like to be considered for an editing opportunity at Polished Paper, please register for a user account and upload your resume. You will then be directed to our 35-question editor test. You are encouraged to use outside resources to complete the test (e.g., MLA, CSE, APA, and Chicago formatting guides). They also have proofreading positions.









Freelance editors play a pivotal role in our business model and help us in ensuring author satisfaction by editing academic papers from a wide range of subject areas and meant for publication in highly acclaimed international journals.

A typical Enago editor possesses the following qualities:

  • Proficiency and competence in the most widely spoken language across the world—English!
  • Knack for diligently editing, restructuring, and polishing articles written by non-native speakers
  • At least 5 years of relevant academic copyediting/substantive editing/proofreading experience
  • Extensive subject matter expertise

We prefer editor profiles that reflect

  • Master’s/PhD/postdoctoral research experience (studies conducted, papers written/published, papers reviewed, etc.)
  • Certificate/experience in academic editing, publishing, scientific communication, journal article writing, etc.
  • Experience in editing ESL (English as a second language) manuscripts
  • Knowledge of style (such as APA, CMS, AMA, CSE, and IEEE) and conventions followed in academic writing
  • Member of acclaimed editing and publishing associations such as EFA, EASE, and BELS

    Our freelance editors should ensure

    • Immaculate grammar, punctuation, sentence structure, and word choice
    • Flow, transition, correct terminology, correctness of content, and coherence
    • Appropriate manuscript format conforming to academic conventions in terms of citation style, layout, section headings, and tense usage
    • Preservation of the author’s intended meaning even in papers where the content requires extensive revision


Editors Apply Now! It’s fast and easy.

If you’re the passionate editor who knows how to turn complex problems into simple, understandable tips that guide, clarify, connect, enlighten and most importantly entertain readers, we’d love to hear from you. We’re growing like crazy, and looking for in-house editorial support staff with knowledge and experience in the search engine marketing industry. You’ll work directly with clients to develop content strategy for the web. And you’ll edit the content produced by freelance writers assigned to projects. Salary plus full medical benefits included.

Writing Assistance






Edit: technical reports, journal articles, quality assurance project plans, and standard operating procedures.

Assess document completeness and help rewrite or reorganize content as necessary for flow and clarity. Correct document organization, format, coherence, consistency, and content as well as syntax, grammar, punctuation, and spelling.

Rewrite text from numerous writers to ensure consistency in tone and document clarity, conduct on-line and library research to verify correctness, and check and insert hyperlinks in documents.

Translate highly complex technical information to content understandable by a general audience.

 Ensure documents adhere to specified guidelines such as journal instructions for authors, customer guidance, style manuals, and other conventions. Research the journal requirements if necessary.

Work with authors to resolve technical issues.

Provide special writing assistance to authors for whom English is a second language.

Develop and use MS Word templates for a variety of document types.

Make documents 508-compliant.

Job requirements:

 BA degree in English, communications, journalism, or technical writing

At least 5 years of experience editing documents in a scientific field

Strong working knowledge of MS Word and Excel

Familiarity with and adherence to the AP Stylebook, Chicago Manual of Style, and the U.S. Government Printing Office Style Manual

Familiarity with EPA’s Communication Stylebook a plus.


Does working from home or your local coffee shop sound like the ideal set-up for you? WebpageFX is seeking experienced applicants for a full-time remote copy editor position.

If you have an expert level understanding of AP style guidelines and a keen attention to detail, we want to get to know you.

  • Edit an array of content types: Blog posts and sales copy and guides oh my!
  • Gain hands on editing experience for our clients covering countless industries, subject matters and styles
  • Find flexibility in a 40 hour a week, independent contractor position, as you tackle assignments from the location of your choosing.
  • Implement constructive feedback practices to help writers grow in their talentsWebpageFX encourages editors with backgrounds spanning any and all industries to apply. We foremost seek out editors with exceptional communication skills and a flexible schedule. This position requires 40 hours of remote availability a week.

If we take your application into consideration, we will move you into our paid development program, the “Editing Bootcamp.” The Bootcamp will take a few hours, followed by the completion of several paid trial assignments. The designated assignments will provide us with a better understanding of your ability to execute AP Style guidelines proficiently. We will also take your feedback provided to the writers into consideration while determining if you’re a good fit for the role.







This is a winning solution for educated mothers on leave, students, people who work part-time, etc. You have a chance to get paid to proofread online without investing in commuting costs, professional outfit, time to get to your job, and rent space (if you are the private entrepreneur). The excellent possibility to avoid all these costs makes remote editing and proofreading jobs an essential source of additional income!

No one is born experienced and trained. Every task requires investigation, practice, and efforts. Thus, when you decide to take the several entry level proofreading jobs, you will have a good chance to practice and broaden your professional experience. We have enough customers and orders to supply you with the non-stop work. Thus, you do not need to surf the web in search of the job. The job is here at our proofreading jobs freelance website!

You receive your salary directly to your PayPal account. So, you can work from any country, and you definitely will get your payment.





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