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Most of the jobs I post are for remote/telecommute positions because that is my focus (usually), but I had to post about another  job category that I think is under served regarding telecommute positions, or really any positions. I’m speaking of our veterans! I have so much respect for men and women who chose to protect our country, often while leaving their own loving families behind.

I know this isn’t a traditional post, not much about me is. I just can’t stop thinking of how I would feel if I was away, possibly in some foreign land without any of my loved ones around, not even knowing (sometimes) if I’ll ever see them again. 🙁  Say I make it home, but now have no means of support to sustain my family. What should I do? How should I feel?



I just think that the manner by which our military is treated is deplorable. These individuals give up their lives to fight for us all, but I don’t see the same act of love being reciprocated to them. There’s no way ANY veteran should be homeless and living on the street. There shouldn’t be veterans who can’t get access to the healthcare they deserve. I know it might not be much, and have no idea if this post will ever reach a veteran, but I wanted to help as much as I could; if only to supply you with resources.

I’m not going to make this a long speech about how much they do for us. I plan to do a little something for them. So if you are a veteran…I hope this information helps. If you know a veteran, please pass this information on to them. I hope these resources come to good use. Sir or Madame, We Thank You For Your Service.





USCustoms&BorderProtection –Seeking veterans to fill Boarder Patrol Agent, Customs

Border Protection Officers positions and more.

Xerox –Has a program where they specifically hire veterans. These jobs to not appear to be virtual. Located Worldwide.

ClearanceJobs –These jobs require a clearance by the Federal Government. It is a Felony to

lie about possessing an active security clearance. These jobs do not appear to be remote.

CombatVets –Careers for combat vets.

FGJ –Federal Government Jobs for disabled veterans.

DVA Hires for HIM and Medical Coding positions.

Epicor –Seeking veterans and active duty personnel looking to transition.

DVIC –Trains disabled veterans in disabled medical insurance. I believe the goal here is to create IBO’s.

Humana –Hiring veterans to fill remote open systems storage administration positions.

CGI –A site dedicated to veterans and transitioning service members.

USArmy –Jobs in the veterinary corps.

Securitas –Locally-focused security company with branches in every state. Employs veterans.

Veteran Jobs –Jobs for disabled vets.


Resources For Veterans

NVTC –A site that connects veterans with jobs.

VACareers –A job board for veterans who seek employment.

MilitaryHire –A job board for current and ex military to find employment. there are many remote positions available but all positions are not remote. There are many resources on this site for veterans too.

RecruitMilitary –This is a job board for current and ex military. There are many positions open as remote though other positions that are not remote are available too.

VJL –A job board. Currently seeking to fill a remote position. Full-Time. California

TMC –A fellowship opportunity for veterans. Please see site for further details.

VeteransWorkshop –A resource for veterans. Please see site for further details.

Vets101 –A resource for veterans.

thewdf –Vocational Counseling and Training for vets.

VOP –Resources for veterans and their families.

WarriorGateway –A job board for veterans to find remote and other positions.

FLUOR –Job board for veterans and transitioning military.

AT&T –Careers for military spouses.




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  1. Thanks for this post, I found it really interesting. While obviously not a veteran myself, I agree that the way they are treated could be better, and I hope some of them see this post and it helps them to get back on their feet.

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