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This is certainly a category that shocked me regarding its availability. Who would have ever thought one could be a stylist virtually…well, actually a virtual stylist!! I get so excited when I discover new job categories. I don’t believe there are too many fields that cannot be translated into a virtual position. I’m sure many may be wondering, what does a virtual stylist do…well let’s talk about that now.

What does a virtual stylist do?

A virtual stylist basically performs the same job duties as a stylist. He-she picks items for someone to wear whether it be clothing, jewelry or other accessories. Busy people always need an assistant of some sort, and that is what a stylist is; a wardrobe assistant. Stylists work on their own schedules. You may decide to take one client or more than one. With this position you are certainly in control of how often you work.

What do stylists get paid?

Google says,” National Salary data from December 11, 2014 says that fashion stylists earned between $34, 059-&79,463, including bonuses up to $5,051. The average annual salary was $49,263. According to, your experience and skill has a moderate effect on your pay rate as a stylist”.





This is a position that requires not only a passion for fashion, but an outgoing personality not afraid of (sometimes) constant interaction with others. Because sales are involved, one would need to be comfortable with that aspect of this position.  I would also say that attention to detail is necessary because you’re choosing items for someone else.

It seems like it could be a fun job if you were seriously into fashion or shopping. How cool would that be to get paid to do something you love? Isn’t that what many of us are seeking to accomplish? I have researched the positions that may be open to those to work online, but not all positions will be listed as work at home. Often an agency may want you to live near their headquarters to qualify for remote work because training may take place on-site and not online.

Here I will list resources and possible employment opportunities for those that are stylists or have thought about becoming stylists. If you have no experience don’t worry, we live in the information-age, there is probably training, tutorials, and how-to videos that will show you how. 🙂


Stylist Resources

AllAboutStyling –This is a resource that aids beginning stylists with resources to build portfolios, etc,.

Complex Tips for becoming a successful fashion stylist.

SchoolOIfStyle –8 resources to help you become a better stylist.

WornThrough –Resources for fashion stylists.

The BlogStylist –Blogging resources for lifestyle, fashion, or beauty blogs.

ICT –Resource for image consulting, fashion styling, and personal shopping tools.

StartUpFashion –Fashion Industry Resources.

PRCouture –3 steps to working with celebrity and fashion stylists.

ArtInstitutes –Fashion Training.

ProGear -A resource for stylist to list their business for services.

FashionIncubator –A resource for fashion stylists.

JobHero –Fashion stylist resume samples.

WWD –Fashion dictionary.


Stylist Jobs

StitchFix –Seeking to fill stylist and various fashion industry positions.

SharedStyle –A platform to connect with other stylists, and also become a stylist.

EntertainmentCareers –Seeking to fill fashion stylist internship positions.

Snap&Style —Not currently hiring. Check back frequently for openings.

CareerBuilder –Fashion Stylist jobs. Location specific.

StyleCareers –A resource for stylists to find jobs.

SFIP –Become an image consultant/Free image consulting resources.

CreativeLoft –A job board with open fashion positions in California.

Positions also posted under “remote”

FJobs –A resource to find fashion industry jobs Professionals Only.




UpWork –Wardrobe styling jobs.

CareerJet –Fashion jobs in the USA.

Indeed –Fashion jobs UK.

FashionWorkie –Fashion stylist jobs. Varied locations as well

as remote. UK

MediaMatch –Wardrobe stylist. PA, NY, and MD.

FashionNet –Hip jobs and internships in the fashion industry.

UrbanDarling –Become a stylist. Experience Preferred.

LoveShackFancy –Fashion stylist internship(s).







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  1. Oh my, who would have thought?! But I guess everything is going online these days so I suppose I am not that surprised. This sounds like an awesome career to get into.

    Thanks for sharing, this certainly got me thinking that really anything you love and are passionate about can become an online career!

    1. Hi, Lynne. You hit the nail on the head! That is my point/purpose of my website! If you are passionate about something, you can definitely turn it into a virtual career…if you so choose. I’m not a big fan of shopping, but this idea had me wanting to take some classes. lol. Thanks for stopping by again. 🙂

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