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Research is not a job category I thought I would find much information about, and I was right (almost!). Most positions I found for researchers was for mostly ‘clinical research’.   Of course many of those positions were not remote. Searching for open virtual positions is never easy. I have to make sure I’m giving my readers good quality leads and not just links to follow. Isn’t that ironic, I had difficulty researching research jobs! Go figure.

What type of research may be performed remotely? Let’s discuss the options in this category a bit further. Remote researchers can find such positions as;

  • Web Researcher
  • Market Research Manager
  • Research and Recommend
  • Scientific Research
  • User Experience Researcher
  • Independent Researcher
  • Content Research
  • Clinical Research

There are many more specialties and job classifications.  Jobs are listed as remote, but are actually location based which most times is a hint that travel to and from the organization’s location may be a job requirement, or that the company provides on-site instruction. I enjoy researching topics online, so this topic was of specific interest to me.  I perform the third type of research I’ve listed for you above: I find information I believe my readers would enjoy, and I share and recommend ideas to them.



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Let’s see what skills you would need to be a good researcher;


The videos show us the habits that will make one a successful researcher, and they also provide a list of tools to use to aid in market research. I have discovered that there are tools and resources that aid in success in most fields, we just have to know how and where to find them. All of us have had to retrieve information from everyday happenings like, calling the doctor to verify test results, speaking with administrators regarding our children’s behavior, or possibly asking a judge for more time to pay a fine.

It would seem to be a simple job; You need information and you find it! Not that simple. As I’ve learned through the research performed for my blog, it does take a certain level of skill, and patience to find the information that we seek. It is not because one lacks the skill, it’s mainly because we’re searching for a hidden thing that we did not hide! The places we look may not be where the desired information is located, so it is good to have ‘tips and ideas’ of the best methods to locate information.

I learned from my years in college that every resource is not the best resource to use; You have to be aware of dated material,  Surely if the piece you’ve found is dated ten years ago, it may be outdated, and no longer relevant to the current subject. I remember that college students are discouraged from using websites like Wikipedia because any person (not necessarily learned) can update and submit information.

Depending on the position you have and the employer you work for you may be forced to forget what you already know about research because your employer’s methods are new to you. Keep in mind that you’ll be performing research for someone other than yourself, so the methods you use may not meet the guidelines of the chosen organization. Good luck on your journey! Feel free to come back and tell me of your experiences working virtually. 🙂




Indeed –A job board with open research positions.

SimplyHired –A job board with open research positions.

Linkedin –Their job board has open research positions.

Quirks –A job board with open research positions.

JuJu –A job board with open positions in clinical research.

Upwork –A job board with open research positions.

Amerisource –Hiring for remote Research Manager. See site

for details.

Glassdoor –Open positions for remote research.

WalletHub –Opening for research Analyst. DC area or


Wonder –A researcher position. See site for details.

AERA –Open research positions. Location specific.



UsefulUsability –A review of a book discussing usability

testing: Usefulness.

Inc –Article: “More evidence it’s wrong to make employees

work in the office”.

ResearchResources –List of resources for researchers.










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