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Blogging is basically writing stories about things that interest you, or make you react in some way. Often because we have a personal blog we may not think about ways that will help us make more money for our blog, and sometimes even increase our reader-audience. I am always researching new and-or exciting ways to make money online and I discovered quite a few companies that drum roll.… bloggers to blog!!  I know, right? There are many companies that just want your fresh content. Most times these jobs pay per task like many others, but you may be able to transition that into something more full-time, if you so choose.

How the process works is that you visit a website and sign up to be a blogger/contributor. Once you have signed up you will probably be asked to submit a writing sample, or they may work that into the application process. On some sites you may be able to start posting and earning immediately based on your chosen assignment and how difficult it was to write about. Many of the sites that want you to review their products also help increase your audience by helping you gain the trust as an author. Of course some may be easier than others to earn from and that is to be expected. I wanted to compile a list of the most relevant resources for bloggers to aid them in being successful. I am a blogger too so many of the resources I will be using.


Blogging Gigs

SocialSpark –This company is seeking marketers and bloggers. Get paid to blog, tweet, take photos and videos. If you have a large following on social media this may be for you.

SponsoredReviews –This company connects bloggers with SEO’s, marketers, and advertisers looking to build links, traffic and buzz.

Fuel –This site is for bloggers to gain another audience. You can submit your blog here, talk with other bloggers, get fresh traffic, and more.

PayPerPost –This company pays bloggers for their content.

Pulsepoint –This company hires writers to help advertisers engage their audience(s).

ParentingSquad –A community of parents, experts and authors.  Hires bloggers.

PayU2Blog –A site for bloggers to write and earn.

ProBlogger –A job board with various blogging opportunities.

Feedwind –It is an RSS widget that you can link to your blog and posts.

HubPages –Users sign up to write original content and ads are placed around their articles. Once your ad reaches the minimum pay out amount, funds can be requested through PayPal.




StudioD –A network for influencers to get paid for their content.

Blogging –This is a website for bloggers to get rewarded for their fresh content. Please see site for further details.

ConstantContent –This is a site where bloggers can buy fresh articles for their blogs. The site also hires bloggers.

Scripted –This site allows you to purchase fresh content for your blog. You can sign up to become a contributor as well. The site says only 5 percent get in, so it sounds difficult unless you’re a seasoned writer.

BeAFreelanceBlogger –Pays bloggers for their content.

TransitionsAbroad –Pays writers to write about travel experiences. Earn from $50-$150 per article.

Adcash –Technology driven advertising network.

VibrantMedia –In text advertising.

CommissionJunction –Become an affiliate and earn commissions.

AdFish –Become an affiliate and earn commissions.

BidVertiser –Make money from clicks and conversions.

ClickBooth –Become an affiliate.

Performancing –A resource for bloggers and writers.

FreelanceWritingGigs –This is a job board and resource website for bloggers and writers.

Blogvertise –New blogger and advertiser display ads service.

Linkworth –A search engine marketing company that offers many ways to monetize your blog.





LinkFromBlog –Earn from your blog. Write legitimate reviews, survey or opinions of advertisers products and services.

WiseBread –Get paid for your in depth knowledge of personal finance or frugal living.

Blogelina –A fun way for bloggers to interact with each other, build relationships, etc,.

BlogHer–A platform for sharing thoughts and ideas.

rankPay –Get paid to blog about SEO, content marketing, and social media. Get paid $100 for each article they publish.

WriteNaked –Write a guest blog and get paid. Standard compensation is $50 and between 450 and 650 words in length.

GhostBlog–Become a blogger for GBW.  Guaranteed payment each month via PayPal.

BlogPaws –This is a professional pet blogger network.

Tomoson –Get paid to try new stuff and give them away to your followers/fans.

BlogDash –Get paid to try new products.

BloggerJobs –A job board for bloggers.


Free Resources

SuccessfulBlogging –21 Essential FREE blogging tools.

SmartBlogger –63 blogging tools to help you be more productive.

HubSpot –The ultimate list of FREE content creation tools and resources.

BufferSocial –39 blogging tools to help you work faster, write better, and

attain more readers.

Hongkiat –20 FREE SEO tools.

Hongkiat –20 essential tools and applications for bloggers.

FirstGuide –99+ blogging tools and resources.

ShoutMeLoud –100+ resources and tips for bloggers.

Kutoa –Get your blog listed FREE.

Torque –42 must-have blogging tools for Word Press bloggers.

StudyWeb –Video blogging resources.

ShareaHolic Everything you need to grow your website, FREE.

SearchDecoder –12 FREE keyword research tools for bloggers.

Minterest –over 501 (FREE and Premium) blogging tools.

WebConfs –SEO tools and webmaster utilities.

reelseo –Best sites for free, royalty-free music for your videos.

Coursera –FREE online learning platform. Many computer

and business sections to learn from.

Volition –Useful independent contractor tools.

FreeStuffStore –A great resource for free stuff.

FreeCounters –FREE web counters.

FreeStuffStore –FREE guest books.

FreeEbooks –A massive directory of FREE e books.

ColorCharts –Color charts for your website.

YouCams –FREE web cam chat.

ButtonGenerator –Make buttons for your website.

WAHM –Free resources.


Monetization Tools



WebsiteSetup –33 ways to monetize your blog.

Vandelay –101 ways to monetize your blog.


Vidmy –Create a video site and monetize your content.

BloggerIdeas –How to monetize your YouTube videos in

9-easy steps.

SideHustleNation –5 ways to monetize your podcast,

and one way not to.

adngin –Top 10 video monetization sites.

BloggingPro –How to monetize your site with games.

AdPushUp –24 best ad networks for publishers.








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  1. Wow! This post is like monetize your blog encyclopedia! I saved your website and will click through every single one of your links. It’s hard to find the right one though. Which one of bloggigng gigs do you recommend if you have your own website? Thanks!

    1. Hi, Eva. I will recommend you finding the best fit for YOU! But I have heard good things about, Sponsored Reviews, Pay Per Post, HubPages, Constant Content, and WiseBread. I would try these first. Come back soon! 🙂

  2. Wow what a resource rich site, you opened my eyes to other opportunities to earn online from blogging and various other methods, I am going to have to come back to this site as a resource centre…thanks for sharing.

  3. Hey Audra, this is PACKED full of resources. It flips the script a bit as I have been focused so much on building out niche-centered sites that i did not even realize there were so many opportunities to actually get paid to blog on other sites! Thanks for all of the great tips – bookmarked!

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