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As much as I love to write I hadn’t thought too much more past writing a novel or maybe even an E-book. I had no idea there were companies that hired virtual writers just so they could have fresh content on their websites! Not to discourage anyone, but that is no easy feat (regularly creating fresh content). I assume there are ways writers get around that, or we’d probably have fewer writers. 🙂 I would like to consider myself a writer because I love words, but every position requires a certain level of skill.

If you are someone who always has new/fresh ideas at the ready to be written, I’d apply for a few positions to see who responds. I always assume a business on the WWW(world wide web) has an audience of everybody…lol. I say that to say this…many companies may receive a great number of applications for a few positions, so it would be in your best interest to apply to several and hopefully your talent will outshine the next and you will have regular assignment(s).

I have to mention the claims I’ve seen on the internet about others making hundreds or even thousands per month writing for certain companies. I haven’t tried any writing jobs to share my experiences with you, so I have to go by what I have seen and heard around the internet. I never want to sound as if I’m discounting other’s experiences, because that would never be the case, I just can’t go into detail with my readers about something I have not experienced. (I’d consider that dishonest)


your story


I am always in search of FREE resources because they are usually harder to find than paid resources, and I don’t want my readers being forced to pay for services that I can find for you to use FREE. 🙂 Most companies want you to invest with them because that is how they make money, but there are still organizations that have pretty good track records of giving away services, or allowing users to use them FREE if they share with others; those are the ones I seek out. I do want to point out that often FREE methods may take you a bit longer to accomplish your goal (depending what it is), but you can still get it done!

You may also have noticed by now that I update and insert new information as I find it, so you could be off for an hour and come back to new resources. I would also love to have ideas for new information. If there is a subject regarding work at home that I haven’t touched on that you’d like information about, shoot me a message. I try to update the “Job Categories” page as often as possible, so please check there often for opportunities, though I plan to create a job board for current remote openings.

There are a lot of jobs open for writers. Just think of all of the possibilities even if you just concentrated on one subject, like pets. There are thousands if not millions of other websites that need qualified writers. Many companies promote/hire from within which means outsiders like you and me won’t hear about open positions. There s also training and workshops available for those with a low skill-level. (It just means you require more training 🙂 ) I certainly support organization’s that are still willing to train their employees: So many companies today are NOT willing to train.

mixed emotions


With writing comes so many mixed emotions. If you are just beginning your journey you may be a bundle of nerves….just DO IT! There are people who need your sense of humor, your new ideas, your compassion, whatever it is we’re not receiving because you’re NOT writing! Whatever your area of expertise someone will need and want your skills and input. The internet opens us up to so many possibilities I don’t even think most people realize the magnitude of it.

I have listed here resources that are available to find employment as a writer whether it be freelance or a more permanent assignment. Please be sure to have a few writing samples available; if you apply to three positions you would not want to submit the same writing sample to all three. Do not pay for any jobs, the jobs or sites that I list do not require payment. If you ever encounter payment issues with a supposed FREE site, please feel free to message me the details so I can inform my readers about it.



ClassCentral –25 FREE online courses to improve your writing skills.

The CraftyWriter –FREE online creative writing course.

Study –10 Universities offering FREE writing courses online.

WritersDigest –Writing for beginners.

FreelanceFolder –10 amazing FREE online writing courses.

Features –This is a fellowship offered to journalists of color.

In Austin, Texas. Aug. 9-14. Deadline to apply is May 5, 2016.

WordPressWriter –A beginner’s guide to remote/freelance writing jobs.

Coursera –FREE online learning platform. Many computer

and business sections to learn from.


Newbies Accepted

OutSource –Varied level writing assignments. Newbies welcome.

Freelanced –This is a social media network for everything freelance.

indeed –Remote writer jobs. Newbies accepted.

WritersJobBoard –A job board for writers.

SimplyHired –Freelance/remote writing jobs.

WritingCareer A freelance site for writers.

PlacesForWriters –Calls for submissions for writers.

PublishersMarketplace –A job board for writers and publishers.

EdLivingTEL –Remote/telecommute jobs for writers.

Wizzley –A site for writers. Get paid for your content.

GEP –Seeking travel writers. No experience needed.

Workopolis –Remote writer jobs. Canada.



AcademicWriters –Seeking academic writers.

WriteJobs –Listed 2 work from home writer positions.

Location specific.

WriterFind –Freelance writing site for professionals.

Poets&Writers –Seeking part-time editor assistant.

Edit911 –A job board for professional editors. PHD required.

EduWriters –Seeking professionals with writing, research, and

editing experience. College degree required, all majors welcome.

BetterCommunication –Seeking professional grant writers with the

desire to become employees. No contract work though it is remote. USA

ETS –Item writing job opportunities.

AcademicExperts –Seeks academic freelance writers. Not currently

hiring check back frequently for updates.

Wirecutter –Editorial and product and design writers.

NWEA –Freelance item content development. Academics.

BloggieTalkie –25 great job sites for copywriters.


ProofreadingServices –Seeking to fill full and part-time remote

proofreading positions. Must pass test before approval.

Kibin –This is a job for freelance editors.

BookinABox –Seeks editors. Not Currently Hiring. Check back

frequently for updates. You can submit your information.

EditorWorld –Seeks freelance editors.

Wordy –Seeks to hire freelance editors.

Scribendi –Seeks professional proofreaders and editors.

Sibia –Seeking proofreading editors.



Poets&Writers –Tools for writers.

Gramlee –Copy editing, grammar check, and proofreading


OEDb –150 resources to help you write better, faster, and

more persuasively.

Quotes&Sayings –The ultimate writer’s toolbox. 100 tips,

tools, and resources for writers.

ELI –Writing in the digital age. Resources.

ServiceScape –A resource for writers who need help with editing.

Qlaara –Writing assistant tool.

InkyPath –Resources and tools for writers. They also hire


WritersRelief –A resource of free publishing advice and


Webster –Online resources for writers.

Volition –Useful independent contractor tools.


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  1. My mom always said, “If it’s too good to be true, it probably is,” (too good to be true, that is).

    So when I hear about how a writer can make a gagillion bucks writing on the internet, I am…how shall we say it…”skeptical.”

    In my opinion the best opportunity for most writers is probably to establish a website and begin writing for one’s self. Write ebooks, and publish on Amazon and other platforms. Create your own books and offer them at clickbank. A writer today has options that just didn’t exist 20 years ago.

    1. Hi, Jeff. Absolutely! I understand wanting to earn an income, most of us do, but I can’t tell you of the millions I’ve earned..because I haven’t earned any…lol. I believe that the only way for any of us to experience real wealth is when we work for ourselves and are in control of our own finances. I do believe however, that any avenue we take could possibly be the one to why not try it? I think the ones who’ve made those millions were selling something…though anything is possible with the right tools in hand. A person could be an excellent writer and be terrible at marketing…so how will they make money? Having one viable skill doesn’t eliminate the need to make use of others. Marketing and advertising are 70 percent of most successful businesses, it takes much more than just the ability to write well. Thanks for your feedback. 🙂

        1. Hi, Jeff. Yes, they are. I wasn’t saying they weren’t related. What I was saying was that a writer still has to have marketing skills to make money. Writing a great article is not the same as marketing it to increase your audience and create revenue(s). No one knows of great writers without marketing. We actually wouldn’t know of too many products or services without marketing. It’s all important…but you have to gain an audience to make money…it won’t just come from stellar writing. 🙂 Thanks for commenting!

  2. Your layout is impressive. The topic is awesome. I’m a writer as well so this is super useful and appreciated. Especially like the time taken to find free resources for writers. This is a site I will be on more frequently. Thanks for looking out for writers like you and me.

    1. Hi, Jazleigh. Thank you. It seems like I make changes everyday. I know how to do so many things free!! lol Like, guess how much I’ve paid Candy Crush…..$0.00…lol I can pass the level I have so much more to share. Stop by soon!! 🙂

  3. Hi, Kit. Thanks so much. I’m glad you find what I’m doing useful. Please come back anytime! 🙂 I wish the same success for you and your endeavors.

  4. So, I am having an adventure on the internet and now found this blog of yours. This is great information, thank you! You are a real expert!
    I hope you will keep on writing for a long time.
    Wish you all the luck,

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