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Every now and again I come across sites that I believe are SCAMS and those sites I like to warn about! They are basically a waste of time, money, and could quite possibly be phishing sites that collect personal information.

Avoid ANY emails if you don’t trust/know the sender: This is another method used to receive your personal information. If You click on and open links on your devices, be careful! Here are a few sites I believe users should BE CAUTIOUS OF!





A site that claims to pay its users for rating logos and receiving payment for their ratings. Upon joining the site users are given a $5 bonus just for signing up. Users are also given $1 for each active day on the site, so if you sign in everyday, that’s $7/week just for signing in. It all sounds wonderful, but I’ve been online long enough to know those earning claims are a bit outrageous!

Users also earn here from referring other users to the site at $0.20 per new referral and once they earn a certain amount, you as the referrer would earn a subsequent bonus, around 30 percent. The cash out threshold is $30, which isn’t too high compared to other sites. They pay via PayPal, Payza,

I thought I’d found a site similar to SliceThePie, but I could retrieve NO payments proofs for this site. It sounded a bit too good to be true, so of course I had to retrieve some reviews from users who have already tried the platform, and, well, you’ll see!

Hotlogo –Their own reviews are ramblings with NO proof of payments.

Bitcointalk –Scam/Waste of time!

Fulltimehomebusiness –Scamming people!

The reviews on their website were a big clue. We all make mistakes, but why would a professional site not have coherent feedback from users? Especially if they’re trying to attract new users. I would AVOID them, but if you choose to proceed, do so at your OWN risk!






This is an app that claims users can earn by downloading apps and leaving brief reviews. My first clue that there was an issue here was after I downloaded the app to my iPad, I received a message that said the publisher was NOT trusted and I would not be able to use the app. What the?

So I searched Google further for any inkling of payment proof or positive feedback from users.

Imagr had a few proofs from a satisfied user, but they are almost 3 years old.

It’s nice they were paying 3 years ago, but what have they done lately?? 3 years is long enough for a company to lose prospects, make bad investments, and go bankrupt. Lol  And it won’t take years to do most of those things. It’s easier to keep a scam going online because unlike a brick and mortar, you don’t know when there’s no one there. Until an issue arises and you receive no response. No customer service response is a good reason to run the other way.

Some apps are paid apps where users earn more for trying them than they would receive trying a free app. Free apps are said to pay $0.50 where paid apps can earn $1/+ per review. The app can be downloaded from Google Play or the App Store. Pays via PayPal.

It wouldn’t allow me to do it (install) from my iPad, so once I try it on my phone, I will come back in with a short update. As of right now, I can’t call this opportunity a SCAM, but it’s best to proceed with caution!


Clues that a site may be a SCAM!

No real job/product to earn from.

ONLY negative reviews.

Non-existent customer service.

NO current payment proofs.

Outrageous earnings claims.

Pictures and video with rich, vacationing people.





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