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Social media positions have been introduced to the job market as a way for individuals and businesses to remain social and interactive by outsourcing business services/activities. As time goes by we see that businesses are maintaining a presence through social media that can help improve on processes and/or services by allowing immediate feedback from the consumer.

This method affords organizations the opportunity to market directly to their customer base, no matter where they may be in the world. Notice that most places we look, shop, work, and commute have ads from businesses trying to get our attention. Since the numbers for social media interaction are continually on the rise, it is no surprise that within our social media platforms we are bombarded with advertisements: probably based on how we search and shop online. 

What is a Social Media Moderator?

A person who monitors, listens, and engages with the visitors to an organization’s website or social media pages and any other forums or platforms online where the organization may require social interaction.

Many positions require moderators to have either previous experience in moderation, or a passion and experience with social media posting and updating. There is usually a requirement that applicants have experience with all platforms and not just Facebook! Popular networks will do most often; Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, LinkedIn, Tumblr, and Reddit.


What experience/training is necessary to become a moderator?

It depends on which organization you choose to work with, but most often moderators are required to have at least 1 year of moderation experience, to up to 5 years experience in content or social media management.

Is there moderation training?

I discovered that there are several institutions online that do teach social media marketing/moderation like the Academy of Art University. This is where micro-job sites can come in handy for those who may not have the needed experience.

How much do Social Media Moderators earn?

According to salary information I retrieved from Glassdoor, the average Social Media Moderator salary in the US is $27,288, which averages out to be around $9.40/hour. If you live in Michigan, you know that is about $1 over minimum wage (actually $.90). I’m actually shocked that the average salary was such a low number, I honestly thought it would at least be twice that amount. Social Media Moderators essentially keep businesses and brands afloat, acquire new customers, and help retain long-time customers, and I just think the position holds more importance than the pay reflects.

Concluding Thoughts: There are more avenues to learn this specialty than the choices I have listed. The Universities that teach Social Media Moderation claim certification can be earned in as quickly as 15 months. Where some organizations may prefer experience, there are always those that are willing to accept new/untrained talent. I believe that with a passion for social media engagement, one could translate his-her passion into a successful career. 


Indeed –A job board with open social media positions.

Mod Squad –A company that specializes in social media moderation.

Appen –Seeking social media moderator.

Community –A job board with open social media positions.

Dentsu Aegis –Seeking Social media candidates. USA/Canada

Cross Campus –Open social media position.

Job Score –Associate Social Media Editor.

UpWorkA freelance job site with open social media jobs.

Aquent –Seeking Social Media Moderator.

ICUC –Seeking Social Media Moderator.

MonitorWeb Content and Social Media Management.

Hire Hive –looking for a social media rockstar who is looking to gain more experience working in the Entertainment, Arts & Lifestyle industry. You will be pulling media lists, writing press releases, sending out event invites, pitching the press, and securing placement for our company and for our clients. Part-time 20-25/hours per week. Internship. Can translate into a paid position. (3 month internship)

Live World –Seeking Bi-Lingual Customer Service Agent-Moderator. Part-Time Hourly Work From Home Position. Agents and moderators perform tasks including social customer service, engagement for marketing purposes, and protecting a brand’s image by supporting a good experience for a brand’s customers in their online venues. Please see site for list of preferred languages.

Lithium –Seeking a Social Consultant. Remote/Australia.

Crisp — Social Media Protection company seeking online freelance moderators. Must complete entrance survey to be considered.

Baby Center — Seeking A Community Moderator.

BA/BS degree is desirable, but not required

This is a full-time contract position. Telecommuters welcome.

Yelp –Seeking to fill Community Ambassador positions.

These positions are location specific.

Quiip –Working across long and short-term projects, in both in-

house and remote capacity. Applicants must be current Australian

residents or have a valid Australian work permit.


Splash Media –Learn Social Media Marketing FREE.

Udemy –A FREE course on social media monitoring.

Implio –Social Media Moderation tips and best methods.

Social Media Examiner –“14 Social Media Tools Used By

The Pros”.

Buffer Social –How To Learn Social Media in 2 Minutes

A Day: A FREE Email Social Media 101 course.

Skilled Up –8 Places To Receive Social Media Cerification.






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