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Social Networks That Pay!


I found another simple way to earn income for those who are content creators, or just enjoying sharing and interacting with others.

I will admit that I search for jobs that do not take much skill. Most jobs I find for WAH are for those with degrees and years of experience in a field. I am not ignorant of the fact that many do not have job experience.

There are always methods to earn online, quite possibly doing things we already do on a regular basis. This is the very reason why I always encourage you all to join groups on your social networks: People post about unique jobs and exchange WAH information.

Job boards are a good place to discover new companies that allow contractors to accept assignments, from anywhere in the world. Believe it or not, many are using micro-job sites and other freelance sites to create incomes as well as just for an extra income source.

I’m not sure about you, but I’d rather be paid to be social. Lol None of the sites, (well maybe one) is like the Facebook platform. The earning methods may not be what users are use to, or have knowledge about, but if you are a creator the sites can aid you in increasing your readers/following and help with sales if you are a merchant. Much success to you!

Social Sites

Tsu –A social networking site that pays users for interactions and content views.

Red Gage –A social networking site that pays users for interactions and content views.

Bitlanders –A social networking site that pays users.

The8App –A social networking app that pays users for content and community interactions. App available on Google Play and ITunes.

Newslines –A Crowdsourcing news website. Get paid to write about headlines and other news. No experience necessary.

GetPaid.Social –Get paid for your actions and interactions on the website.

Budiz –A social networking site that pays its users for content.

Apsense –A social network for business owners. Build your brand and connect with like-minded individuals. Allowed to display/sell ads within your content. Pay is via PayPal or check.

Site Talk –A social networking site that pays its users for small actions. Popular site.

Friends For Cash –A social networking site to share your interests and earn. Option to upgrade and earn more.

Sokule –A social networking site that pays its users. Paid membership levels.

BonzoMe –A social site that allows users to earn.

Persona Paper –A social networking site that pays its users for content.

3Tags –A social network that pays its users for their content.





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  1. Great insight on the many avenues a person could take to start making income at home. I especially liked the stats on the current trends! It’s interesting to see how many people are taking their work to the home front and that companies are allowing that flexibility for their employees.

    1. Hi, Ash. I just know that not every person has a degree or the desire to earn one, some just want to earn a living. I tried to locate the most interesting ways to earn. I have been following the trends closely and had to include some figures. Thanks so much for stopping in today. Come back soon!

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