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Let me start off by saying I AM NOT TECHNICAL. lol I know nothing about anything technical and I am not associated with any of the companies listed. Now that that’s out of the way. Do you have technical experience? Do you like figuring out “support” issues? Are you the one your friends call when their computers act up? Then you might want a position in tech support.

Most of us have dealt with customer support at one time or another; calling the cable provider when there are outages, contacting the utility company when accounts aren’t performing correctly and so on. Tech support personnel help us all when our devices and services aren’t acting right and won’t let us do what we need to.

I know most times the job market seems dim with regard to finding the right job with the right hours and benefits to fit your needs. Virtual employment solves quite a few of those issues; you can usually work the hours you choose (depending on the job you get), on many sites you can set your own pay scale, and working from home allows you the freedom to work in your pj’s!

With work at home jobs dependability is a must! Because you don’t have a boss or supervisor over your shoulder telling you when and how to do things, you have to be a self motivator. It’s easier to stay in bed for an extra hour when you ARE the boss. List making may be a good method to remind yourself of your day-to-day activities. There are apps and all types of tools available now to help freelancers be better managers of their time.




What I noticed about many of the companies listed was that there may be several jobs available within several departments at one time. Most companies have many departments, so if you do not qualify for one position, why not try another? Something you already do is probably a viable skill you didn’t realize you had!

I always assumed that ‘techies’ were born that way. lol I know that makes them sound strange, but coming from one who is technically challenged it seems like a lot of skill is involved! I know now that training is available to those who wish to learn. It seems we can learn most anything these days with the proper tools in hand.

If you don’t like or enjoy talking to or helping people, this is not the position for you. Many of us may take a job because that is the only one available, but when you work virtually your freedoms are expanded! Often contracts may be required because you are working virtually, so it is wise to only apply for positions you are interested in , and have skills to show you can be a successful asset to the organization you apply to.


Tech Support Resources

TechRepublic –This is a resource for tech support specialists.

TechCo a list of the best companies to find tech support



Tech Support Jobs

Jobotomic –A job board with open tech support positions.

CarrerBuilder –A job board with open remote tech support positions.

WeWorkRemotely –A job board with open tech support positions.

UpWork –A job board that has open tech support positions.

Support –A job board with open tech support positions.

Snagajob –A remote job board with open tech support positions.

Geekatoo –This company hires agents with IT experience for tech

support positions.

RemoteOK –A remote job board with openings for tech support.

Freelancer –A job board with open desk top support jobs.

Apple –Apple often hires for customer service and support positions.

May be location specific.

Arise –This is a call center company that trains and prepares

others to go into business for themselves. Fees involved.

SolveIT –A remote position in tech support.

GitHub –Seeking to fill remote tech support positions.

SupportOps –Open positions in technical support.

ctComputer –Has remote tech support job openings.

PlumChoice –A company with open positions in tech support.

LinkedIn –Open tech support positions.

WFH –Open technical support positions.

Dell –Tech support positions available.

LinkUp –A job board with open tech support positions.

DigitalOcean –Openings for support specialist.

ReCharge –Openings for remote technical support.

Jobs –Openings for tech support positions.

StableHost –Open positions in tech support.

Dice –A job board with open tech support positions.

OptimalNetworks –Openings in tech support.

Site5 –Openings in C panel support tech.



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