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Hello, WAH family! Today I wanted to introduce you to a few companies searching for At Home Testers. Testers must usually be 18 years of age to participate. I only found one (1) site this time that offers a cash payment and most others offer free/deeply discounted products.

What is a Product Tester?

A product tester is one who tries new products and services. They give their feedback on usability or try to locate bugs to make products better. Product testing can cover any area where a business wants their service or product tried, often before the public hears about it!

One may be tasked to download and try out new apps, or taste a new food item being released by a popular or upcoming brand and give their opinion. There is even a site that pays you to try board games and puzzles! Feel free to search the site for previous posts if nothing here peaks your interest! Happy Testing!




1. Home Office Brand






Receive free products every month.

Earn between $5-$15 for each product you test and review.

Companies try each day to connect with home office owners through marketing messages, product information and brand promises. Some do it well, while others fall short. For years, Home Office Brand has been working to help brands speak to people like you in a relevant manner.

Home Office Owners: Discover and review new products from the comfort of your home, offer feedback to brands.

Brands: Connect with the right influencers for your brand, get honest feedback and reviews for your new products from the most relevant consumers. Sign up is free!

2.  Pink Panel






Pink Panel is a platform for those interested in sampling beauty products. The site does not pay in cash, though you could be rewarded giftcards from $50-$100 for your time.


3.  Good Housekeeping






Become a panelist for Good Housekeeping and share your opinions with them about products and more. Receive your opportunity to earn great prizes!

4.  MomSelect






This is a panel specifically for moms only! Tell us a little about you, your family, and your interests so that we can offer programs tailor-made for you. Start receiving information about programs with MomSelect partners and select to participate in programs that interest you.

Review the latest brand campaigns, discover new products, host in-home parties, share free samples, attend brand events and so much more!

5.  Smiley360






Be heard. Be happy. Sign up, connect, and join over 900,000 Smiley members to try products for free, build relationships with brands, and influence the market!

6.  Ripple Street






Join millions of fans connecting with great bands. It’s fun, free, and easy! Join brand communities to get free products, coupons, exclusive offers and more. Try and share great products with your friends and family members. Post reviews, share your opinion and let brands know what you really think.

7.  Mead






A platform where Teachers/Educators can try products and services, share school supply lists, and more. Plug in your school to be entered to win $5,000 with their Schools Work Smarter sweepstakes. There are also useful online tools at your disposal as well as a resource library.

8.  AMZ






This is a platform specifically for Amazon Prime members. This site gives members product discounts for their feedback. Receive 90 percent discount codes for products.

9. Betabound






This platform may peak the interest of those involved in tech. Open beta tests currently available. The site says anyone can join. Does not mention anything about payments or rewards.

10. Giveaway Service






Help increase brand awareness and sales. Receive free or heavily discounted products for your thorough review! is free for authors. The products are free or heavily discounted. The discounted price is set by the Business. Discounted purchase price must not be higher than 25% of the retail price. 

Creating a detailed profile is important for authors because this is the first step of getting noticed by businesses. A good profile is what attracts businesses and by having it, you will be approved for promotions more often. Read instructions here.
” Blog verification process is not difficult, but we at Giveaway Service have decided to guide our users through it, step by step. You can read them here.”

11. DevOtees






An online platform for users to sample products from Oprah’s ‘O’ magazine. Learn about and try new products. Share your opinions and win prizes.

12. Ravensburger






Test and review products for the whole family! An awesome opportunity for those with younger ones who who may work around children: test games, puzzles, arts & crafts and more! Become a VIP tester and receive an invitation to the VIP member select campaigns.

13. Rank Booster






A platform for Amazon shoppers to earn deep discounts on products. Become a Rank Booster today. Use your social media to get up to 100 percent off discounts! Buy. Write. Share.






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