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Hello, everyone! I was researching (as usual) and found more jobs to add to the category of “Testing sites” or app testing. I was pleasantly surprised because there were already several. As new companies start, we may see increases in certain fields, it’s actually inevitable! These are the type of jobs that should be considered extra income because assignments are usually few and far between, but signing up with several can be beneficial. You can also visit my post “18 companies that pay you to test websites and apps” to find more testing sites to try.

What do testers do? 

A tester is one who tries the latest apps, visits websites, and/or tries other equipment an organization monitors/implements and gives his/her feedback on their experiences.  If you were an app developer and wanted to see what people thought of your app and how easy/difficult it was to use, you could run a “test” to see what reactions to the app were.

Testers usually work on his/her own schedule and can accept or deny requests at their leisure. It is an awesome way to create extra income and not be bogged down with schedules (though once you accept a test, you should complete it. You could be banned from testing if you accept tests that you don’t complete). 

Applicants must be at least 18 years of age to participate with most companies, though some require an older applicant, often 21. I assume it may also have to do with the type of content one would be examining, and that confidentiality is often required. Please follow sign up directions closely to be considered. Much success!


Testing Jobs

Test.io –A testing site that runs tests on the latest apps, websites, and games, and get paid for every issue you find.  Earn up to $50 for every issue you find. Can’t find any bugs? No problem. You can also be paid for rating apps. Work From Home Easily work from home or from your favorite place. Work the hours that make sense for you. The pay: Once per month using PayPal, Payoneer, Skrill, or bank transfer. Users must be at least 18 years of age.

MyAppware –A testing site for app developers and app testers. Testers:  “MyAppAware aims to let app reviewers get paid apps for free and earn up to $1 for completing an action. After writing a honest review in App Store, you may choose to answer one question from app developer or follow their Twitter or become a fan of their Facebook Fan Page, not very hard, is it? And we reward you real money for your effort.” Developers: “MyAppAware aims to let app developers get guaranteed honest reviews in App Store and provide a communication channel to ask genuine iPhone users questions and let them get involved in your Twitter, Facebook Fan Page etc. We offer you a unique way of building longer term relationships with real users and grow your own community.” Sign up is free.

Testlio —A platform where users earn from their testing assignments. Each tester goes through our verification process to make sure our community is made up of expert testers. Once you’ve been verified, you will be invited to a project you can work on around your own schedule. Get paid Earn a motivating income for doing what you love. After each test cycle you will receive payment for the hours you’ve been assigned to test. Testers are paid weekly, with performance reviews made quarterly. Users have the potential to increase their rate of pay with better performance with this company. Testers must be at least 18 years of age.

TestFairy –This is a platform for developers or app creators who want to invite others to test their apps. Testers can’t sign up unless the person who needs a tester, invites them to test.

ATryBox — Here testers are paid for trying apps and sharing their opinions. ATryBox connects you with the emerging tech startups that are looking for people to review their products and share opinion. No technical experience is required, just your time and thoughts. Testers have (5) ways of getting paid; Personal Meetings: These are tests or reviews users perform in-person and at a facility, so testers can name the price they want for these tests. Phone calls: When tests and feedback are given over the phone, users are paid $35. Online usability testing: Testers are paid $25 to complete. Survey: Testers are paid $10 to complete. Help to choose: Pick your preference for color, design, logo, name, message, etc. Testers are paid $5 to complete. Currently,only US based testers accepted. Please proceed here with caution. I haven’t personally tried this site, but the pay seems exceptionally high. Will definitely be on my investigation list!

Ferpection — Give your opinions about websites and mobile applications and earn money. Users must be at least 18 years of age to apply. Potential to earn up to $200/month.Testers are paid monthly via vouchers and PayPal.

Testapic –Testapic rewards its panel 7€ (seven euros) for each test validated by their customer. The tests take about 15-20 minutes. 



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