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Hello, everyone. As I continue to face the struggle with the internet and this raggedy iPad, I am now forced to blog from my phone. I am trying my best not to throw in the towel altogether, it’s a struggle let’s just say.

Where the heck I’ve been…

I have a few choices once I can gain access to the internet; 1. Log in to post on my blog, or 2. Make money to contribute to my household. 3. Socialize on FB, Twitter, Google Plus, etc. Which would you choose? Of course my family will win that each and every time. ¬†I mean, that is the goal of my starting the site in the first place, so that others can earn from home like I’ve done for going on 6 years now!

I’ve also been concentrating more on ideas for moms or those who spend lots of time at home, to find money around the house. Do you have extra space in the basement, garage, or even a room you don’t use? Someone else may need it for storage, or to set up a small office space, do you have enough room to rent? I am the queen of throwing things out, but I have learned that even old things we no longer use, may be of value to others. Always search the Internet to discover whether or not your find is worth money.

My mind is everywhere recently, so I’m stuck between a few things I have been working on. (Bad internet and raggedy iPad don’t help ? ) I’m torn between starting a podcast and a video channel. Following a few videos on YouTube, I’m still not sure whether I want to go there or not. I’m also gathering up resources for my subscribers to enjoy. You guys are going to love this!! Annnnddd…..I’m trying to self-publish my novel that will probably be in parts. So, I don’t just blog…and THAT’s the problem. Lol There are a few other projects I’m ¬†working on that I will mention at a later date, just know your girl stays busy! I have been pondering allowing my children to attend school online, I’ve about had it with public school! Most of you know my children suffer from emotional issues and public school has virtually nothing to offer. Kinda like going to a mediation 100 times! Like, I thought mediations happened once! ???

I’m also trying the “empty toilet paper roll” thing and have a huge box of them. I am planning on getting rid of them soon and I have kids things I need to be uploading pics for. You all are always welcome to leave me a comment or throw out a suggestion or two. Perhaps there is a category you’d like me to explore a bit further? If there are still those of you without side incomes, I would strongly advise you to try a few things to see how you fit. I believe here shortly, we will all need a side job or ways to make money in urgent situations. Just don’t go crazy like I did and sign up for….well, EVERYTHING! It’s a bit of an exaggeration, but not by much. On average I receive 400-1,000 emails per day in each email account (I have 3).

I Will probably be posting again by this Tuesday or Wednesday. I’m also working on the appearance of my newsletter. Just busy, busy, busy! Much success in all you do!




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