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Many of the opportunities I run across are not big money makers, though those with large social followings can do quite well with a few referrals in his-her downline. I definitely recommend them for those who have websites, a product or service they offer, and those who need more tradffic.

What is a Traffic Exchange?

A Traffic Exchange is a platform that allows users to earn credits to have their site/program viewed by viewing others’ sites. Most often credits can be used to upgrade, make site purchases, or by other forms of advertising.

How do you earn?

Most often each site will have its own rule(s) regarding site earnings, but many sites require 1,000 pages surfed to earn a specific amount. It will vary depending on which site you use. Users have the potential to earn more by referring new members.

Why do I recommend these sites?

Traffic Exchanges have been around for quite awhile, some for 10 years or more. I can’t say you will become wealthy (that depends on your effort. ? ), but you will be paid! I guess that is always my biggest concern when trying ANY opportunity, Are They Going To Pay Me?? The other things can be worked out, but who stays on a job with NO pay? Only volunteers!! I also share these opportunities because users can discover so much about what’s going on around the world, in business, in advertising, in making money, in marketing, etcetera. They are “information rich” and worth a visit.

Concluding Thoughts:  The sites I have listed are those that have been around and are regularly paying users. There are thousands of Traffic Exchanges, but I can only recommend those I believe WON’T cheat you. Always research things on your own to come to your own understanding. Much success!




EasyHits4U –Popular Traffic Exchange. Earn by surfing, you choose the ratio you prefer; 2:1 or 1:1. You are paid 10 cents per referral to the site. You also earn commissions  for any purchases made from referrals. Earn $.30 for each 1,000 sites surfed. Cash out threshold is $3. Pays via Payza.

Hit Safari –Traffic Exchange Platform. Increase website traffic. Site has a banner and text exchange as well as for traffic. Cash out threshold is $15. Pays via

 Squirly Traffic –Traffic Exchange platform. Daily promo codes, daily surf rewards, banner prizes, page prizes, earn 50 percent commissions. $5 weekly cash out: no request required. Pays via Payza.

Traffic Swirl –Traffic Exchenge platform. Cash out threshold is $10. Pays via Payza.

Traffic G — Traffic Exchange platform. Earn $.15-$.30 for each 1,000 pages surfed. Cash out threshold is $10. Pays via Payza.

New Way Surf — Traffic Exchange platform. Earn $.20 for every 1,000 pages surfed. Cash out threshold is $5. Pays via Payza.

Vast Hits –Traffic Exchange platform. Earn $.10 for each referral. Earn cash for surfing.

Traffic and Cash –Traffic Exchange platform. Cash out threshold is $10. Pays via Payza.

Many Hit –Traffic Exchange platform. Earn while you surf. Cash out threshold is low at only $1. Pays via PayPal.

YOU2Surf –Traffic Exchange platform. Earn daily cash and credits. Cash out threshold is $20. Pays via Payza.

Froggy Hits –Traffic Exchange platform. Earn cash while surfing. Cash out threshold is $5. Pays via Payza.







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