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Data entry is another category that seems to be popular among those looking to work from home. If we search online we can find almost anything, but usually ‘honesty’ isn’t a part of that equation. I can’t tell you how many sites I’ve signed up with that basically won’t pay, nor acknowledge that there is an issue. I know that is one of the main reasons I wanted my own blog: too much going on that some people choose not to discuss, but I WILL ūüôā

I have seen many opportunities to earn come and go over the years I’ve been earning online, but one I thought would phase out “captcha-code typing’ is still around. There are many people who’ve said those sites pay well, but I try to stay away from posting such positions because you basically get fired for making mistakes, who needs that?

I figure the average person is much like myself in that we’re looking for the one thing that will either satisfy us because we enjoy it, or that we make enough money from it that “joy” is not necessarily a factor. ¬† I never really thought about a typing job until I started researching online and discovered all of the ‘virtual’ employment available.


No Experience

MechanicalTurk¬†–This site is powered by Amazon. Here users can perform what they call

‘HITS’ to earn money. Many HITS are¬†for those with minimal skill. Users can transfer pay-

ment toward Amazon gift cards, or request a direct transfer to a personal bank account.


Accutran¬†–This is a transcription company that hires beginning transcribers, real-time

stenographers, and voicewriters. US/Canada

AxionData¬†–Seeking to fill data entry contract¬†positions. Not currently hiring. If this

opportunity interests you, visit the website and submit your resume. US/Canada

DataPlus¬†–Seeking to fill work at home contractor positions for data entry.

Clickworker¬†–This is a crowd sourcing website. Ability to work independently. Paid

according to skills and experience. Opening for; text creation, editing, web research,

data tagging, and data categorization.

¬†Scribie¬†–This is a transcription company that hires beginning typists. If you can pass

the entrance test, you can be a contract worker.

Quicktate¬†–This is a call auditing transcription service. They hire beginning typist as

long as applicants can pass the entrance exam.

SIGTRACK¬†–Process voter registrations and petition signatures.

VirtualBee¬†–Hires entry-level data entry workers. Pay and type of assignments can

change by completing and successfully passing evaluations. There is rumor of low-

pay here.

Rev¬†–A transcription company that hires beginners. If you can past the entrance test, you

can become a typist here. Transcriptionists, captioners, and translators. USA/UK/





CastingWords¬†–Hires freelance transcribers and editors. Jobs may take from seconds

to many hours to complete. You choose the assignments you want and work when you

want to.

GetTranscribed¬†–Hires freelancers for transcription work. Beginners welcome. Must

type 60+ wpm.

TranscribeMe¬†–Transcribe audio and video. Choose hours that fit your life-style.

Hires beginners.

TranscribeTeam¬†–Hiring freelance transcribers to work from home. Choose your

own hours. Worldwide

Speechpad¬†–Hires freelance typists to transcribe. Beginners welcome.

UpWork¬†–Remote job board. Variety of data entry jobs. Worldwide

BarefootStudent¬†–Entry-level data entry and other work at home positions


DailyTrans¬†–Hires transcriptionists for Entertainment, Corporate, Legal, and

Academic files. Beginners welcome.

MedTrans¬†–Hiring medical transcribers across the country. No experience

required. Full training provided.

Ubiqus¬†–Seeking to fill various transcription positions. Please see site for further details.

TNT¬†–Seeking transcribers and translators. Entry-level OK.




Freelance Transcription



Experience Needed

BirchCreek¬†–Seeking high-quality corporate and legal transcriptionist doing audio files

for Social Security, veteran’s affairs,¬†immigration, as well as legal and corporate clients.

No medical transcription.

iwantanewjob¬†–Data entry customer service position/work from home. Full-Time

permanent. Islington area/London. International job search site.

NewsNow¬†–Job search data base/data entry jobs. England/Scotland/Wales

AmericanHighTech¬†–Seeking English transcription and Foreign Language

Translation. Work from home. You must pass an audio transcription test

and background check before being considered. Must be a legal US citizen

eligible to work in the US. USA ONLY

ASC¬†–Seeking financial at home transcriber.

AvTranz¬†–Seeking court transcription, with at least 2 years of court reporting

experience. Site says employees work around the country, so I am assuming

this is a job for USA residents.

Cambridge¬†–Seeking A+ legal transcription and corporate transcription.

Please see site for further details.

CyberDictate¬†–Seeking experienced legal transcription. Must have headset,

foot pedal, and transcription software prior to testing.

eTranscription¬†–Seeking experienced transcribers for focus groups, quarterly

earnings releases, and financial press releases. Must type 80+ wpm.



Transcribers Wanted



e-typist–Seeking experienced legal transcription. Flexible scheduling. Must type

60+ wpm.Initial typing test required.

FantasticTranscripts¬†–Seeking experienced transcribers with backgrounds in

business, high-tech, legal and medical. Spanish speakers welcome.

HiredHand¬†–Seeking experienced general transcriptionists or proofreaders

to work from home.

MassTranscription¬†–No medical transcription. See website for further


MulberryStudio¬†–Seeking to fill full/part-time proofreading positions. Must

type 75+ wpm. 2 years experience required.

NetTranscripts¬†–Seeking experienced law enforcement transcription, Spanish

speaking transcribers position. Background check required.

Production¬†–Hires experienced transcribers only. Please visit the site and

submit your resume.

SpeakWrite¬†–Seeking experienced legal transcribers.

TigerFish¬†–Seeking experienced transcribers with finance, legal, technology,

and medical backgrounds.

TranscriptDivas¬†–Seeking experienced transcribers. See site for further details.

Transcribe¬†–Seeking to fill experienced transcription and editor positions.

Transcription2000¬†–Hiring transcribers. See site for details.

TSI¬†–No medical. Must type 70+ wpm. Experience required.

Verbalink¬†–Seeking to fill transcriber and translation positions.

WayWithWords¬†–Seeking freelance transcribers.

AliceDarling¬†–Seeking to fill part-time transcriber positions. Must type 75+ wpm.

Athreon¬†–Seeking those with experience in medical, legal, and insurance transcription.

AppenScribe¬†–Seeking to fill linguist, transcription, translation, and web search

evaluation positions.

BAM¬†–No medical. See site for further details.

GMR¬†–Seeking to fill translator, interpreter, general and medical transcription,

general transcription/Spanish transcription.


RNKProductions¬†–Seeking to hire experienced legal and entertainment


1-888-type-it-up¬†–Seeking experienced transcribers.

AlphaDog¬†–Seeking to fill experienced transcribers. Touch typing of

60+ wpm is required. Fluent in English.

crTranscription¬†–Hires transcribers. Must submit your resume.

DepositionServices¬†–Seeking experienced transcribers/court


OutSec¬†–Seeking to hire those with experience in dentistry, urology,

andrology, breast, gynecology, and orthopedics.

NetTranscripts¬†–Seeking to fill remote positions for legal transcription.

Expedict¬†–Seeking to fill a position for technical transcriber.

StenoMed¬†–Seeking to fill transcription positions -health care experience


SilentType¬†–This company hires experienced medical transcribers.

DataEntryJobs101¬†–This is a job board that has positions for¬†data entry and

transcription jobs.

Task¬†–Hiring transcribers with at least 3 years of transcribing experience.

Not medical. Legal experience desired, but not essential.

NealrGross¬†–Open transcriber positions. Contract. Must type 60 wpm.

Minimum of 30 hours per week required. DC Area.




I wanted to leave a few tips for those of you who may not have years of typing

experience. There are lots of resources online that can help you to hone your

skills. One is a free typing test to improve your speed. You can find it here.

You also may want to invest in a bit of training to help you along on your

journey to becoming a transcriptionist. Here.

How to set up and insert time codes. Here.

Get word tips. Here.

Practice tape transcription. Here.

Help with grammar and punctuation. Here.






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    1. Hi, Interpreter. I agree that we can find most anything online. I disagree however, that traditional brick and mortars (not that you said that) are more trustworthy than what we find online. People are people and have the potential to be deceptive. It is important when searching for work at home, that persons perform Due Diligence and research before jumping into a thing. And just as I’m responding to you, there should always be a method for users to contact the site administrator. If not, it could be a SCAM! Thanks for stopping by today! ūüôā

  1. Bookmarking this for sure! I had no idea so many places like these were out there. I’m really glad I found this – what an awesome list of resources! Thanks for posting!

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