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Translation is a field that isn’t going anywhere. There will always be a need for translators

and interpreters because communication is a necessity. Back in the day, I remember

many people not being too fond of learning different languages (though I have always

thought they were necessary). Why block yourself from endless opportunity by only

being closely associated with one language? I think languages are poetic, beautiful, and

romantic; if the right words are being used. 🙂


Can you think of how many times you have gone to the store, made a business call, or

attempted to make a purchase, and your representative did not speak much English? I

always call these learning opportunities; I’d rather learn new words and phrases then to

be oblivious to what those around me are saying, but that’s just me.


Most people think of online jobs as something simple where no work will be involved

and users can just make money….NO, NO, NO!! Any real job will require skill, and a

certain level of experience. You cannot be a translator if you only speak one language.

An interpreter/translator has to be skilled in at least 2 languages to be considered for

paying positions.


There are many positions that require translators to be versed in English; which may

mean that is the focus of most translations. There are also companies that look for

ALL language types, so it is in your best interest to see which languages are each

companies specialty/requirement.



I have located resources for translators to network, find employment, obtain further

training, and access FREE tools to aid them in being successful. If only I had kept up

with my French and German training… 🙁  Please be advised that none of the positions

listed stated they accepted entry-level translators; though some companies may require

less experience than the others.



FluentIn3Months –How to become a freelance translator.

aquarius –A forum for translators to network and find work.

OleMiss –Translation related resources.

TranslationJournal –A list of translator resources.

WordPress –Translator resources.

TDW –Resources for aspiring translators.

Lixicool –Online translation and language tools.

IATA –resources for translators.

Simon –26 FREE tools and resources for translators.

iTranslate –A free app to aid in translation.


Translator Jobs

OneHourTranslation –Hires translators. Must pass exam to qualify.

Argos –Hires freelance translators.

AcademicWord –Hires translators with experience in academic


Accurapid –Hires freelance translators.

CPSL –Hires freelance interpreters and translators.

CYRACOM –Hires interpreters.

EstudioBalda –Hires freelance translators.

ELA –Hires interpreters and translators with experience in legal,

medical, business, or high-tech.

Lingo24 –Hires freelance translators. USA/UK

OpenWorld –Hires qualified translators.

ISOTranslation –Professional translator job openings.

LanguageTranslation –Hires experienced translators. Degree

and 5 years experience in translation required.

Rev –Hires freelance translators.

Technovate –Hires translators.

TeleLanguage –Hires interpreters.

WordExpress –Hiring interpreters and translators.

Gengo –Hires translators.

UpWork –Freelance website with open translator positions.

LanguageLink -Hires interpreters and translators.

CAPITA –Hires interpreters and translators.

AJE —Chinese and Portuguese interpreters needed.

CACTUS –Freelance website that seeks translators.

ICC –Seeking to fill freelance interpreter positions.

UnaBabel –Hires collaborative translators. Get paid by the hour.

LionBridge –Hiring skilled interpreters.

LanguageScientific –Hires translators.

Proz –A workplace for translators.

Responsive –Has open positions for translators.

TranslatorsTown –A job board for translators to find assignments.

Transperfect –Hiring linguists.

VerbalLink –Translator jobs available.

VerbalizeIt –Hires freelance translators.

WordLingo –Freelance translator job board.

TranslationCloud –Hires translators. must pass language proficiency


UNCareers —Translator jobs with the United Nations.

SimplyHired –Freelance job board with openings in translation.

TranslatorsBase –A translation company that hires freelance


TranslatorPub –A job portal for translators.

ICanLocalize –Seeking professional translators.

TranslatorsCafe –A job board for translators.

LanguageXchange –A job board for translators and interpreters.

acclaro –Hires freelance translators.





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  1. The more I visit this site, the more I want to take some action!
    I’m a Swiss-Canadian, with two mother languages, German and English, and it fascinates me that I could do so much more than just teaching young people as a homework-helper on the side, although that’s important, too!
    Keep up the fabulous work!


    1. Hi, Therese. You absolutely could! The world needs people like you who can teach and speak other languages! It’s exciting, isn’t it? Thanks for stopping by. Come back soon! 🙂

  2. Wow, you really did you research here!

    I’ve always thought I should learn another language. Studies have shown bilinguals are a little smarter. Great article Audra.

    1. Hi, Matt. I had no idea myself that there were so many opportunities for translators. I have a fascination for Language and I am shocked I didn’t do this post sooner. lol Thanks for stopping by and come again soon! 🙂

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