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I have always wanted to be a traveler…..have the ability to just wake up some place different whenever I chose to. There are still several places I haven’t been within the USA….it’s sad!!  ??? One would think that because our economy is always referred to as dwindling or struggling, travel would stop, NOT true!

Either the economy hasn’t affected many travelers, or quite possibly they’re all excellent financial planners! Lol Either way you want to view it, vacations are still planned by many families and organizations across the globe. I did notice a news story a few months back stating that airlines were reporting losses: I chalk that up to travelers finding more affordable traveling methods. Airlines have often added extra seating which means less leg room for passengers, higher ticket prices, and also higher prices for checking baggage.

What do Travel Agents do?  Travel agents book vacations for individuals, families, and organizations. A travel agent would also inform travelers of hotel, and car rental availability and pricing. The travel agent makes sure that all necessities are taken care of for the up-coming vacation stay. A commission is received on every package sold.

So what does it take to become a travel agent?  There are several schools and websites online that offer training for perspective agents. There are requirements that must be met for a travel agent to be considered in operation ‘legally’ within his-her jurisdiction

  1. Earn a college degree. Though a degree is certainly not a requirement to become a travel agent (and I’m not encouraging anyone to go to college), the BLS reports that employers rather hire those with formal training in travel and tourism.
  2. Gain experience
  3. Consider certification.
  4. Continue education in travel.
  5. Sign up with a host agency or advertise your agent services.




You notice I didn’t really mention any licensing. It is necessary to have a business license to operate in every part of the world. As well as a license to become a ‘seller’ of services. Usually once you enter any training program you will be oriented with necessary skills, licensing and other information to be legally operational.

How much do travel agents make? PayScale says that the median salary for travel agents in the USA is $36,451 per year. Those with experience are said to make 10 percent above the average salary, and entry level workers often make 12 percent below the average salary. 84 percent of travel agents are women, and 16 percent are men.

Those with experience make 16-50 percent more on average than those without much experience. As with most career fields, entry level workers make the least regarding salaries, and those with 10 years or more experience in the field make the most. Experience always wins the employer over: often times even over one with a degree.

Is it easy to become a travel agent? What does the future look like? I never call any ‘career/business’ endeavor easy, because it takes hard work! Is it difficult to become established in this field? It doesn’t seem to be difficult at all. With the right training one could be successful within the industry. The future is still bright for travel agents. Until people stop traveling altogether there will always be a need to service those who travel!

Concluding Thoughts:  I believe Travel Agents have an exciting career! Those with experience can make a decent living working independently and this industry makes room for newbies to make money also: with the potential to earn more as experience is gained. There are tools and resources available to aid in your success. I would advise those new to the industry to sign up with a ‘host’ company that can train you on best practices and how to be successful. Good luck on your journey! 



Travel Jobs/Biz Ops

KHM Travel –Start your own home-based travel agency. Tools, tips and instructions.

Oasis Agent –For new and experienced travel agents. Partner with them and learn about the industry.

Avoya –Join their network. Travel Agents wanted.

ECSC –Cruise ship agents wanted. Experienced and inexperienced


WTH –This is a business opportunity to partner and receive leads

through the host company, WTH.

Love Shack Vacations –A home based business opportunity.

AARC–Home based travel opportunity.

Cruises Inc –Sell cruise packages from home.

Disney –Learn how to book Disney vacations.

Mouse Counselors –Learn how to book Disney vacations.

Indeed –A job board with open remote travel agent positions. Corporate.

 Monster –A job board with remote corporate travel agent positions.

Simply Hired –A job board with various open remote travel agent


Career Jet –A job board with open remote travel agent openings.

AMEX Travel –Book travel for American Express.

Love The Mouse –Independent agents wanted. Disney travel

booking experience necessary.

My Favorite Mouse –Book Disney cruises and vacations.

Independent agents wanted.

Off To Neverland Travel –Book Disney vacations. Training


Red Butler –Hiring virtual assistant/travel counselor.

Travel Outlook –Contracts agents to work from home

booking hotel accommodations.

Mickey Vacations –Seeking independent contractors to

become travel agents from home.

Job Is Job –A job board with open travel agent jobs.

Jobs –A job board with open travel agent positions.


Prestige –Become an independent contractor/travel agent.

Tiggerrific Travel –Seeking experienced agents to book travel.

Disney travel experience a plus.

My Mickey Vacation –Become a Disney Travel Agent.

Mickey Travels –Become a Disney Travel Agent.

Cruising Free –Sell cruises from home.

ADC –Sell cruises from home.

Cruise Magic–Seeking independent agents.

The Travel Academy –Become an independent agent.

Intele Travel –Book vacations from home.



ASTA –American Society of Travel Agents.

Facebook –A fan page for travel jobs. Find travel jobs.

Pay Scale –Salary and other industry information.

Wiki How –Steps to become a travel agent online.

TAC –A resource for training, jobs, and industry info.




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  1. I liked this article. Although I don’t see myself becoming a travel agent it seems like a good opportunity for people who love to travel and learn about new places. What does the college degree have to be in? Or is it just any generic degree?


    1. Hi, Matt. No, you can actually earn an Associates and or Bachelor degree in travel, tourism and sales. There are courses dedicated to travel professionals as the industry continues to grow! Thanks for stopping in. Come back soon! 🙂

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