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If you are skilled at instructing others, tutoring may be a good career for you to follow. Tutors share their knowledge to aid others toward success. I was sure lucky to have a tutor when I was in college……graphs! geessh! lol  Tutors help us understand concepts hard for us to grasp. I would imagine tutoring to be a casual position, meaning not much stress may be associated with the job.

Tutors often set their own schedules and the rate of pay they will accept for sessions. This is considered contract or freelance work which gives applicants the option to work from home and to be in total control of his/her own schedule. The average person with specific relevant knowledge can have a tutoring career. There is also a need for educated tutors, often educators themselves lend their knowledge on a subject or specialty. A position may call for retired educators to become tutors: colleges do.

Who ever thought being a tutor could transition into a career, eh? It’s possible. Tutors are paid for their time and their knowledge on specific subjects, and it is (often) left to the individual what that charge would be. There are positions where the payment amounts are predetermined, but many start at around $10/hour. If full time work is desired, I couldn’t see there being an issue gaining more clients; Who said you could sign up with only one company? 🙂 Sign up with several companies to meet your desired hours and pay. Isn’t that what’s done in traditional employment? One may enjoy a position, but not get enough hours to earn good pay…what would you do? You find ways to supplement! lol


Let us examine a few important skills needed to become a successful tutor;


  1. Good listening skills–It is important to listen to your clients to obtain a clear understanding of what the issue is with the specified subject.
  1. Excellent teaching skills–You don’t have to have teacher certification for most jobs, but you do have to have the right amount of the ability to teach what needs to be learned, and we all learn differently.
  2. Patience –Your student may not grasp concepts quickly, so you may have to create different teaching methods.
  3. Promptness – You should be on-time to your tutoring sessions; this is how you keep paying clients and get referrals/recommendations for new ones.
  4. Personable –The best personalities are needed. Your students have to have a level of trust toward you, if not that client will not be around long.
  5. Professionalism –It is often inevitable to create a relationship with your client, but a level of professionalism should always be present, this is your business!
  6. Passionate – Your student will be more apt to listen to your instruction if you display passion while you teach.
  7. Persistence –It is important that your client grasp material, subjects like math and science may take a bit more in depth instruction than other subjects.

So, do you need professional training? No, not for most positions but we see there are a set of skills associated with being successful as a tutor. And especially if one thought this idea could be translated into a business venture! There are so many possibilities here to open a business. I know not everyone wants to work for themselves, I just get excited when I see an opportunity for success. I mean will tutoring ever NOT be needed? I doubt it! Even with further advancements in technology, tutoring has changed but only because technology has created more avenues to do it! 🙂

Okay! I just have to include the business option because this may spark the interest of a few. What business could a tutor possibly create? A tutoring business of course. Let’s look at a few options here;

Option #1

You tutor a few students, who bring you more students and grow your business

from there. Word of mouth is still one of the best advertising methods there is. If you

wanted to tutor online, you could set up a Skype account for your business where your

clients would meet you for their sessions. You set your prices.

Option #2

You create an agency (in your home) where the clients contact you because they

require a tutor. You create a list of qualified people (this takes networking) to

tutor and match them with clients in need of tutoring services. You control fees

and pricing,

Option #3

You can start out online obtaining your first clients possibly through a job portal.

Advertise your tutoring service and include pricing and contact information. For

this venture and the one above you may require your own website.


Using the siterubix tool, you can have your site set up in as quickly as 30 seconds! The

instructions are pretty easy to follow and after choosing your domain, you’re on to

layout and design. Go for it!

There are many methods to advertise FREE though investing in your business is not a bad decision. When clients search your business you want to appear as professional as possible. In this instance, please be sure to keep personal and business contacts in perspective, but especially with social media. You may not want your business associates to know everything you do on your own time. 🙂


The main goal is to make sure your students learn what they need to to be successful! Yeah, I didn’t forget the free advertising I mentioned. Here are a few popular sites around the net that allow users to advertise FREE;


YP –FREE listing for your local business.

Bumblebee –A resource list of FREE advertising sites.

TopTens –List of top ten FREE ad sites.

Oodle –FREE ads site.

TopBest –Top 100 FREE ad sites.


Concluding Thoughts:

There are options to turn any interest or passion into a business venture. Never think that you can’t start your business with a small budget, because it’s possible. Good luck in all your endeavors. Remember that your attitude means everything! Bon Chance! 🙂




 Indeed–A job board with open remote tutoring positions.

Udemy –A teaching platform where users upload classes and monetize or sell

His-her Content to visitors.

Kaplan–An online University looking for experienced tutors for; high-stakes

test preparation, higher education, programming/coding boot camps, and

professional training. (link issue?)

Tutor–Hiring skilled tutors in such fields as; calculus, physics, finance,

accounting, French, and business law.

TutotVista–Hiring tutors for Chemistry, Physics, English, Math and Biology.

KinderSigns –Seeking sign language tutors to teach babies sign language.

SimplyHired–A job board with open tutoring positions.

UpWork–A job board with open tutoring positions.

Varsity Tutors –A tutoring company that is seeking tutors.

Bandyer –A teaching platform for skilled tutors.

StudyPool  –A platform that focuses on tutoring students.

GreenHouse  –Hiring for remote test prep.

 LinkedIn  Open position for remote tutoring and test prep sales.

Freelancer  –Open tutoring positions.

Chegg  –Open tutoring positions.

Care  –Open tutoring positions. CA

CareerJet  –A job board with open remote tutor positions.

CodeHS  –Remote tutoring positions available.

Learn4Good  Remote tutoring, 400+ open positions. Taiwan.

EdSurge  –Seeking an online tutor with less than 1 year experience.



WyzAnt  Manage your tutoring business like a pro.

App on Google Play and iTūnes.

SchoolOnWheels  –A helpful resource for tutors.

Pinterest  –FREE tutor resources board.

InHome  –A resource for tutors.

ESLGold –A resource for ESL tutors.

 TLC–A resource for tutors.


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  1. Tutoring Jobs always have been in my mind as a part of my future and you have very useful information to start in it.
    Good Job Audra!

  2. Yes, income for tutoring can definitely be very interesting. I have seen private tutors who are very popular and commanding very high per hour rate. When one reaches this status, he or she can commercialize it and make it a full fledged business.

    1. Hi, Axton. I wished I had the patience! lol I know tutors make decent money, how cool for them, eh? Almost any talent can be translated into a business! Thanks for stopping by, come back soon. 🙂

  3. I am a private math tutor for secondary level. It is a time consuming job if you are not up for it. I found myself beaten after every tutoring.

    Maybe I should take another course of life. Thankfully, Internet now provides a lot of resources for me to use. It is easier now. I just direct students to the most helpful tool I can find on internet and now I can focus on teaching them how to solve problems.

    1. Hi, Arief. Thanks so much for commenting. You’ve helped others realize that there can be difficulties associated with being a tutor. The internet has improved on methods we use to conduct business, so glad it has helped you. Much success for your future. 🙂

  4. Would of never thought of this “niche” and I’m a homeschool mom. What a great idea!! I am going to show a couple of friends of mine your site – one is teaching now, and the other is looking to do something online. Great job – keep it up. JoEllen

    1. Hi, JoEllen. It would be a good fit for your ‘at home’ lifestyle. And being that you home school, you already have plenty of patience. 🙂 Thanks so much for the kind words. Come back soon.

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