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Typo Bounty Review












What is it?

Typo Bounty is a website where users sign up to earn by discovering typographical errors on specific websites online. Of course this could earn one quite a few extra dollars just by completing simple searches. The retrieval of online errors will earn users on average around $2 each.

How it works


Sign up is easy and FREE. Users who have a PC or Mac can download the toolbar for easier access to error reporting. As stated above no Bounty shall be retrieved under $2 and it can add up fairly quickly. Bounties are listed on the site for users to choose, search, and earn. There is also the option to browse like one normally would and find errors on other sites. In this instance the user would contact Typo Bounty and be a referrer of the site where the errors were found.

There are also separate opportunities for advertisers and content creators to earn and bring more traffic to his-her business endeavors. If a user has a site of his-her own, TB can drive traffic to your site: Users would come to your site regularly to search for typos, thereby driving traffic.

Review the sites that are listed and search for the types of errors that they have indicated they will pay bounties to eliminate. You can also look on non-listed websites that you visit during your daily web surfing. If you notice an error on a website that is not currently advertising, all you have to do is remember to claim the website’s domain name (FIRST) using the claim button on the TypoBounty Toolbar. This will log the website URL in your FREE TypoBounty Hunter Account. Then refer them to TypoBounty.com using the ready-prepared email on the TypoBounty toolbar. If no one has claimed the domain first and the owner of the website begins advertising within 1 month of your referring them, you will receive an email notification that the site has begun advertising. The website’s reporting feature will then be locked for 2 days, allowing only you to make the money by reporting errors found on that site. After your two day head start has expired, the site reporting feature will be opened to the public. Climb the TypoBounty Hunter ranks from an Amateur to a Sniper as you earn.


The organization has been online for close to 10 years (to my recollection) and is a well-known site used online. I searched for proof of payment info and didn’t retrieve any! RED FLAG!!! 

Any organization online that us truthful and honest about their business, will gave current payment proof that shows their actions and words coincide. Unfortunately, as many good things I’ve heard regarding Typo Bounty, I was unable to provide such proof today. I didn’t want to give up totally, so I went to YouTube! I didn’t find ANY payment proof, NONE. The site claims to have already retrieved 330,259, 364 errors, multiplying that by 2 would suggest they’ve paid out a huge sum since the cites beginning. The site claims to have already paid users more than $970.

How are users paid?

The site says that once you choose to, you can donate your balance to charity, you can shop online with their site coupons referred to as “TBoupon”, or you can receive cash payments via PayPal.

I found it a bit odd that top earners are under the $50 mark, but I will investigate further to see of current proof of payment can be found. This seems like an awesome idea considering many of us search online all day or throughout the day. You can sign up to Typo Bounty here.

Concluding Thoughts: This is a simple way to earn money online while surfing like we regularly do. Though no current payment proof was found, I also did NOT find negative reviews or anything to lead me to believe the site is dishonest. I would advise to proceed with caution. Happy earning!





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