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While performing research to include on my blog, I started thinking about my audience. I receive a lot of traffic from the UK. I appreciate your support and decided to show you. I found resources that are specific to the UK. So it would stand to reason that if you do not reside in that region, these job postings may not be for you.

I came to realize that many job boards are not specific to any region and are often worldwide resources. And there is information that is specific to certain regions of the world. Make use of the resources especially if you’ve never held a work at home position: a few sites give tips and best methods to get things done or to find employment.

Please feel free to message me or leave a comment if you’ve had experience with any of the companies listed. If you have never worked from home before there are usually requirements with regard to the equipment you’ll need, and this usually will vary depending on the type of position you choose. The positions available will most likely require;

  1. An up-to-date resume
  2. Relevant employment experience
  3. Time management skills
  4. Word/Excel/PowerPoint experience
  5. Customer service
  6. Computer/Laptop
  7. Organizational skills
  8. Research/Troubleshooting ability
  9. Technical skill
  10. Data entry/Email client experience
  11. Reliability
  12. Good communication skills


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There will be positions that require more than basic skill, these jobs will require advanced skill sets to qualify for positions. Usually when a company says “advanced” skills required, often workers may need many years in a specialty or degrees/recognition in certain fields to qualify as an applicant.

On the job boards there is the option of searching for different fields of employment other than the one I chose. Feel free to search your area of interest so that you can find your desired position. I try to post positions that are virtual or remote, but most job boards are for local searches also. If you desire a remote position in your field make sure you choose remote/contract for your chosen field.


Be Your Own Boss

Arise –An answering services that contracts agents to become business

owners. Worldwide.

Turo –This company asks users to “rent their vehicle” out to those in

need to make money.



Telegraph –10 highest paid jobs you can do from home.

NetMums –Tips and info about working at home.

Homeworking –A resource site for people who work at/

from home.

MumAndCareer –A comprehensive list of websites that recruit.

Must search work at home/remote positions.

FreeGive –A resource for UK residents to find freelance work.

HubPages –A resource to locate work at home opportunities.

ActionFraud –A resource about recruitment scams.

WorkSmart –A resource for those researching work at home.

CCH –An international call center resource for those interested

in remote jobs or other call center positions. Worldwide.

TypeOnline –FREE online typing test tool.

TypingTest –FREE typing test tool.

Microsoft –Training videos in Excel.

MO –Free Microsoft Office training.

ExcelEXposure –More tutorial in Excel.

GCF –FREE PowerPoint tutorials.




JobsiteCo –A job board for UK residents. Please see sites for specific

locations. Remote openings.

reed –A job board with open remote positions. See site for location.

Monster –A job board with open remote positions. See site for location.

Indeed –A job board with remote openings. See site for location.

TotalJobs –A job board with open remote positions.

TheGuardian –A job board with remote openings.

CWJobs –Remote job openings. London

StackOverflow –A job board for developers and software engineers.

Dice –A remote job board for IT professionals.

CareerJet –A job board with open remote positions.

Fish4Jobs –A job board featuring remote job openings.

cvLibrary –A job board with remote job openings.

Apple –Open remote positions for senior network engineer and

Field service engineer.


Now Hiring Billboard Sign against Blue Sky Background


OxFam –A website that fights to cure poverty! Several openings

listed in various countries. Please see site for details.

HiltonWorldWide –Popular hotel chain with open remote positions.

e4s –A job site for college students who need extra money.

WorkingMums –A job board with a few remote openings. More.

Parkinsons –Has open ‘work at home positions.

NewsNow –A job board with open work from home positions.

MumAndWorking –A job board with open remote positions.

WorkYourWay –A home based job board.

TipTopJob –A job board with open work from home positions.

Freelancer –Hiring VAs in the UK and worldwide.

Vivatic –A freelance job board.

Copify –Thousands of freelance writing jobs.

GlosJobs –A job board with open remote/work at home


UpWork -A job board for freelancers.

Take1 –This is a freelance job board for transcription typists.

JCP –Open position for internet researcher. (work at home)

ProjectManagerJobs –Permanent and contract positions available.

WordPress –Open positions for remote workers.

PayPal –Head of digital channels-owned. Remote/UK

Bubble –A remote job board for digital and tech jobs.

KentJobs –A job board with open remote positions for developers

and IT pros.

TopLanguageJobs –Open positions for linguists.

nijobfinder –A job board with open remote positions.



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