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Here I have listed a few opportunities that again may seem a bit odd, but they make money. Lol  Not every opportunity will be something we consider normal because technology changes things around us!

 I enjoy discovering these opportunities to actually give every reader of my blog a chance to earn by doing a thing he-she feels comfortable doing. Every person will not want to sit by a phone, nor work all day at his-her computer that’s why I just keep searching….for you all!



Sell your notes

These sites pay college students for their hand-written and typed notes. I thought this was an excellent idea since so many college students search for ways to make extra money. The sites say you will receive pay for both hand-written and typed notes, but typed notes will usually earn more because they are easier to read.

NoteSale —US/UK

Nexus Notes  —Australia, Gr. Britain, New Zealand, USA.



Notes Utopia –Upload your notes and set your price.


Alcohol Compliance Auditor

Applicants must be between 18-30 years of age. It is a good idea to sign up with all three companies to ensure maximum earnings. These companies are the middle-men for big companies like Wal-Mart that require this service. Assignments can pay from $5-$30 though some claim to have received as much as $50. Auditors try to purchase items for instance and observe whether or not the cashier asked for indentification.


The Source

Sinclair CM


Make Money As An ITunes Afilliate

This is a good opportunity for bloggers and content creators to make extra money. What you do is sign up to Linkshare and to the ITunes afillings program to start earning money. Users earn each time the links are clicked and when visitors make music purchases.



Virtual Gal Friday

I like the name Gal Friday over Virtual Receptionist, it sounds more interesting. Lol General and Medical live phone answering required. Hours vary per client. Hours can range from 2-10/week in the beginning. This is in independent contractor position, you are required to Bill the company for hours worked. More work based on availability.



Beg For Money

This is not the stand on the corner and beg for money. This site Is a funding site. If you have a project or anything going on where donations and contributions would help, this would be where you’d go.


Go Fund Me



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  1. Haha I must say seeing “Beg for Money” towards the end of the article awakened some curiosity. I have prior experience with GoFundMe. It’s a very useful to appeal to people to assist you with funds for a project or even unexpected expenses.

    I am a pretty smart college student, and I can make some money by selling off my notes. Not nearly enough to cover my tuition, but it’s something at least.

    1. Hi, Medu. I’m glad you found something interesting. I try to find ‘odd’ WAH ideas as often as I can. We all like variety, right? Lol. Thanks for stopping in today. Come back soon!

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