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This category has interested me for a long time. I know quite a few men and women who (of course at this time of morning are at work! ??) are enthralled if not addicted to playing video games. I believe for many, playing video games is a means of escape! Think about it for a moment;

  • We can create virtual realities
  • We can commit crimes with no real punishment.
  • We usually have lots of money
  • Most often we have super strength or other super-abilities
  • We can be anywhere in the world we choose
  • We can live out our fantasies
  • Indulgence in immoral or illegal behavior is not ridiculed

Of course those points will not be speaking for all players because we all don’t play the same types of games. For example, I can’t stand those ‘building’ games for the life of me! Lol Obviously many disagree with my view considering games like The Sims are still very popular. To each his own. ?

What is a video game tester, and what do they do?  A games tester is someone who works for video game production companies to thoroughly test video games before the final version is released to the public. Also known as beta game testers, games testers receive a version of a game that is close to its final stages.

How do I become a game tester?  According to, these are the methods one should use if interested in video game testing;

1. Sharpen your skills —There is much competition in this industry. Many of us can find a gamer within our circle or not too far removed from it. Always keep up-to-date on the newest trends and gaming technology. You need to develop your passion for gaming. Make sure that you are versed on different platforms and games genre(s); shooter, strategy, building, sports, etc,.




2. Obtain necessary training —Game testing involves much more than just playing the latest games. A game tester is tasked to discover any system glitches, to try each level and speak to the game’s difficulty or ease of use issues. You have to pay close attention to detail to report back what was discovered during game play. It would be a wise choice to start off as a beta tester to gain experience. I found another resource through Study that explains the training necessary and has a list of schools offering training. Game testers can earn degrees up to the Master level.

Do you need a degree to become a game tester? A game tester may not necessarily require a degree to become employed, but there are certain skills that are needed to be successful in this industry. A key factor is knowledge in IT, technology, and game design. It may be in your best interest (as a newbie) to look for internships for game testers. Gain as much experience as you can.

3. Gain Experience –Believe it or not there are websites that will contract users even if they’re newbies! One could also search for internships for game testers. It may also be wise to check micro-job sites to see if any ‘game testing’ assignments are made available.

How much do game testers earn?  A video game tester, also known as a quality assurance or QA tester, doesn’t get paid very much. Most QA testers start off making around $8.00 to $10.00 an hour. The more experienced QA testers or lead QA testers make around $14.00 an hour depending on the company.

So Id assume you’d be better off gaining more knowledge if you are a newbie, unless the money is not that important. I am one who believes it is more important to enjoy what you do for a living than to be rolling in dough: being wealthy doesn’t solve all problems. (Though I’m sure it helps! ) I think it depends on how you get in and who you may know! Don’t totally depend on what others say your experiences may be…we all view things differently! And with most barely making above minimum wage, that doesn’t seem bad at all. Don’t let broke people make you one of them! Lol Ask yourself, seriously, how many people do you know that make $14/hour or more? I don’t know many personally! Just Sayin’! ???




Because there is so much competition (video gaming is popular all over the world), there is a necessity for those interested to be on-top of his-her game. What does that mean? It means go above and beyond to gain the knowledge and experience you need. If there are game expos near you, go to them! See an opportunity to perform tests and gain experience, Go for it! When you work for yourself you have to put in work! Lol This is a huge industry and the opportunity is there.

I have to admit while doing the research for this post I Was surprised to find so many resources. Most sites you go to may list one site that gives you no real info, but wants you to buy your way into a job…NOT!! I will never stop saying that there is usually a FREE version before there is a paid version…..and I’ll take FREE for FREE, Alex!!  ??

(Jeopardy reference!! ??)

Final Thoughts: Though some have gone as far as obtaining professional certification, it is not necessary to be certified with any special training to become a Game Tester. There are avenues one can take to gain experience in the industry. Take advantage of the resources provided. When you work for yourself, you control how much you make…not some ‘industry statistics’ that could possibly be inaccurate! Much success on your journey! —EDITFor those searching strictly for work at home opportunities, in the query of any site search ‘remote’ positions.


Game Testing Jobs

Dice –A job board for tech jobs.

Indeed –A job board with open game tester jobs.

GTJN –A network for game testers to find gigs.

UpWork –A job board with open game tester jobs.

Game Tester –Get paid to test video games. All welcome.

LinkedIn –Job board with open game tester jobs.

Career Builder –A job board with open game tester jobs.

Monster –A job board with open game tester jobs.

VMC –Test games before others do. Must be 18 years

of age.

GlassDoor –A job board with open game tester jobs.

Zip Recruiter –A job board with open game tester jobs.

Sokanu –Game tester job market.

Simply Hired –A job board with open game tester jobs.

Nintendo –Game testers wanted.

Careers –A job board with open game tester jobs.

Hasbro –Game tester jobs.

Product Testing USA — Game testers wanted. Must

be at least 18 years of age.

Activision –Seeking Game Testers.

Flexjobs –A job board with open gaming jobs.

Remote OK –A job board with open QA Specialist jobs.

Freelancer –A freelance site with open QA and Game

Tester jobs.

Kwalee –Seeking a remote QA tester for mobile gaming.

Job is Job –A job board with open QA tester jobs.

Jooble –Open QA Tester jobs.

Game Job Hunter— Database of jobs in the gaming


Games Industry –Gaming jobs. Europe and UK.

Angel –A list of more than 18,000 start ups hiring in

the gaming industry.



IGN –“The tough life of a games tester”.

Business Insider –“Inside the ‘dream job’ of a video tester”.

Game Industry –“How to become a video game tester”.

Chron –“How to apply for video game tester jobs”.

Wiki How –How to become a video game tester in 6 steps.

Get Educated –A Resource on industry info, tips, and


Visi -How –A resource for industry info.

Video University –How To Become A video game tester.

Also lists resources for video production enthusiasts.




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