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A videographer sounds like an exciting job! With all of the video we see today, you would think video cameras would be obsolete, but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Often Videographers can be found at special/memorable occasions; weddings, graduations, anniversaries, Quincesneras, Christenings, etc,. After watching videos that were recorded by amateur videographers, I see why most seek professional help. It takes much more than just standing behind a video camera and pushing the record button to create a good video.

What Is A Videographer?

On a set, in a television studio, the videographer is usually a camera operator of a professional video camera, sound, and lighting. As part of a typical electronic field production (EFP) television crew, videographers usually work with a television producer.

Once again technology stepped in and allowed us all to be freelance videographers, if we so choose by creating sites like YouTube and Vimeo, where users can upload his-her own personally created content. These sites do not require users to have any special skill, as long as you can legally upload video, you can utilize their services.

What skills/training is need to become a videographer?

According to Study: While a college degree is not required for many video camera operator positions, an associate’s or bachelor’s degree with coursework in videography, journalism, television, and film can provide excellent training. Some universities also offer 2-year certificate programs in cinematography with courses in camera operation, shot composition, technique, and lighting. In addition to references and credits, some employers may require a reel of clips demonstrating technical skill.




As stated above, not all Videographer jobs will require expert skill and ability. Often an individual or company may just need extra hands in a project. Often freelance jobs may not require as much skill as would a position as an employee.

How much do Videographers earn?

The BLS reported in May 2015 that the median annual salary for television, motion picture, and video camera operators was $49,080.

What does the future hold for Videographers?

According to the BLS, jobs for television, motion picture, and video camera operators are expected to increase at the slower-than-average pace of 2% from 2014 to 2024. Video camera operation is a highly competitive field, and developing a broad skill set can improve opportunities for job security. As technology continues to develop, professionals with traditional television experience may find opportunities in digital production and Internet programming.

Concluding Thoughts: The future looks promising for videographers! The BLS or Bureau of Labor Statistics stated that growth would be around 2% from 2014-2024. The opportunity is there if the right skills are acquired. Take advantage of the few resources listed!  Much success on your journey!




Indeed –A job board with open Videographer positions.

Simply Hired –A job board with open Video Director/Editor/Journalist.

Career Jet –A job board with open Video Editing jobs.

UpWork –A freelance job board with open Video Editing and other open positions.

Glass Door –A job board with open Video Editor jobs.

Hi Lovely –Hiring Video Editing Intern. ( looking for someone to to do some video editing for tutorials and artists who create lots of content. You dont need to film the videos (but can, if you want, and are in the area of  – New York City, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Orange County). Movies are shot in various format, but mostly amateur methods. Remote working is totally ok! Looking for someone with creative vision who can take their brand to the next level through great videos!

Thumb Tack –A freelance job board for videographers to find gigs.

11 Second Club –Seeking Video Editing/Production help.

Creative Cow –Seeking Video Editor/Colorist. Advanced Degree required. Position is remote. Turin, Italy.

People Per Hour –Find freelance Video Editing gigs.

Production Hub –Seeking 360 operators needed. Commercial, Corporate and  Pro Video production. Atlanta, GA.

Higher Ed Jobs–Part-Time Online Digital Media Faculty. NY.

Motionographer Jobs –Motion Graphics Designer Jobs.

Game Journalism Jobs –Seeking freelance Writer and Videographer.

BAVC –Seeking To Fill Video Shooter Position. Palo Alto.

Slate –Seeking to fill Video Editor and intern positions. Positions may be location specific.

Elite Daily –An Opening For Videographer/Editor.

360 Heroes –Opening for Videographer/Visual Effects Modeler.

Freelance Seek –Seeking Freelance Commercial Videographer. Position is remote.



FStoppers –“12 Steps on How To Work From Home As a

freelance video editor.”

Reddit –Big List of Video Production/Film making resources.

Bizvision –A resource for Videographers.



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  1. I’ll be honest: when I first clicked over to this page I thought the article consisted of the “Learn More” list, but it looks like that’s just part of the header.

    Anyways Audra, thanks for the informative read on videographer jobs. Videography happens to be a passion of mine (I would say more so than photography), so I got a lot of value out of this. Getting paid to take videos seems like a very attractive prospect, but it’s the average yearly salary that turns me off — I simply can’t accept such a small pay so this would have to be part time if I did pursue this.

    1. Hi, Paul. I understand your views with regard to salary, we are accustomed to what we are accustomed to. Lol I would like to remind you that the information is always based on the ‘average-median’ salary so of course there is always the potential to earn more. I know a few videographers personally, and they do very well. Thanks so much for stopping by. :

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