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Virtual Assistants exist in many organizations across the globe as well

as in private home offices. What is a Virtual Assistant? What do

Virtual Assistants do? A VA is an assistant who works in a different

location than the person he-she is assisting. This worker may

type forms or answer emails, make phone calls, set appointments,

make/cancel reservations and much more. So you can think of a

virtual assistant as being much like an office worker who doesn’t

work in a traditional office setting.


To be an assistant would require certain skill sets. This is basically

an office position where the VA would perform task to aid a

business in its operations. There may be assistants for any field and

specialty, so don’t think that because you can’t understand or work

certain computer programs, or possess certain certifications that

you wouldn’t qualify: a VA could be hired to perform data entry

tasks and send and open emails. The tasks are controlled by the

person requesting them.


Here are specific skill sets successful VAs possess;

  • Proficiency in English (unless otherwise specified)
  • Database entry and data collection
  • Cloud document management
  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Social media management
  • Graphic design/Photoshop
  • WordPress HTML/CSS
  • Blog article writing
  • Calendar management
  • Web research
  • Database management

This position may be a good fit for anyone desiring work at home, or

who have previous experience in an office setting. You can pick the

assignments you choose to work and create your own schedule. If

you often have little ones around you, a job that does not require

phone conversation would be ideal.



ALA –Tips on how to become a virtual assistant.

TheVAHandbook –An information resource for VAs.

VACareerGuide –A guide of resources for virtual assistants.

Discusses salary.

BND –4 Tips for working as a virtual assistant.

VLD –A resource of VA jobs.

WiseStamp –25 tools every virtual assistant should be using.

Networking –A free resource for VAs.

DAYS –A list of resources for VAs and more.

Tyler –How to build your WordPress website. Step-by-step.




VA Jobs

RockStar –Hires virtual assistants. See site for further details.

CJM –A staffing agency that hires VAs. Background check required.

FancyHands –This company hires virtual assistants.

24/7VA –A company that hires virtual assistants.

Freelancer –A freelance job board that has many categories. Seeks

virtual assistants.

timeetc –Freelance as a virtual assistant for this company.

eaHELP –Hires VA to work at home. USA

UpWork –Freelance site for VAs. US, UK, Canada, and Australia.

UassistMe –Virtual assistant company that hires residents of El Salvidor.

Entry-level, full-time.

Worldwide101 –Hires virtual assistants. North America, UK, Western


ProBlogger –A freelance job board with VA positions.

LongerDays –Hires virtual assistants.

Startups –A company that hires virtual assistants.

VoiceNation –Virtual assistant and possible IBO/reseller.

VA –A huge job board for VAs.

Guru –A job board that has openings for virtual assistants.

VAStaffer –A company that hires virtual assistants.

ZipRecruiter –A job board with virtual positions open.


Impact –Hiring virtual Social media agents.

1-2-1Temps –Virtual assistant jobs. Australia

ProfitFactory –An open virtual assistant position.

HomeWithTheKids –A virtual job board with open VA positions.

TaskBullet –Hiring VAs. Philippines.

AssistantMatch –Seeks to hire virtual assistants.

JobRapido –A job board with open VA positions.

ClickNWork –This is a freelance job site. Jobs are virtual.








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  1. Wow great collection of resources. All you need in one place. I’m personally not looking to become a VA but hopefully one time in the future I might want to hire a VA. I definitely know where to go to find them then.

    Thank you


  2. Hey, Audra!

    You have it all covered here for anyone looking to start having some more convenience working from home as a virtual assistant.

    The fact that you lay out so many resources tell me that you are truly here to help all who visit your website.

    I will be bookmarking this page for sure.

    Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hi, Jason. Thank You for your kind words. I am certainly just trying to help. I truly believe that if more of us worked when we wanted to, less of us would be broke! lol Thanks for commenting. Come again soon! 🙂

  3. What a great resource guide you have put together. You are a one-stop shop! Thanks for the great information. I have been toying with with becoming a VA but I think I might need to update my skills a bit first!

    1. Hi, Sue. So glad you enjoy the blog! I try to find as much as possible before I post, but often come back to posts and add more! 🙂 There are also open positions in customer care if you’d prefer to answer phones. Feel free to contact me if you need help further. Thanks for stopping by and come back soon! 🙂

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