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Virtual Assistant Jobs: 30+ Companies Hiring

Hello, everyone. Today I wanted to discuss the opportunities available to those who have Reception, Assistant, or Executive Assistant experience. Ever thought of becoming a VA or Virtual Assistant? All of your work would be done from your home office.

What does a VA do?

Most virtual assistants are contract or freelance workers who do their jobs from home and focus on administrative tasks that are similar to those of an executive assistant or secretary. Websites that specialize in contract workers, such as and have thousands of listings for virtual assistants.

How much training do VA’s need?

According to Chron: “You don’t need a specific level of education to become a virtual assistant. Many begin this career by starting their own businesses or signing on as independent contractors for other virtual assistance agencies. Earning a high school diploma or general educational development (GED) may help you along the way if you choose to sign on with a virtual assistance company, but may prove less of a factor if you start your own business. 

A college degree isn’t required for this career, but you may benefit in taking business, computer and management courses. In addition, you should consider entering a virtual assistance training program. The courses offered vary, but often include an introduction to virtual assisting, instruction in basic business practices, training for commonly used programs and equipment like fax machines and scanners, marketing training and guidance for hiring subcontractors.”

What types of tasks will a VA be assigned to do?

1. Email Management/Filtering 

2. Setting up Autoresponders (Aweber, Mailchimp) 

3. Booking appointments with clients 

4. Following up with clients/customers (sending thank you and other reminder emails) 

5. Receptionist duties (answering occasional calls) 

6. Calendar Management 

7. File Management (organizing files using Dropbox etc) 

8. Database building (eg. updating email or contact lists on your CRM) 

9. Research on certain topics for blogposts, newsletters or others 

10. Personal errands (purchasing gifts for loved ones / family members online) 

11. Hotel and Flight Booking 

12. Transcription (transcribing voicemail, video or audio, podcasts etc.)

 13. Taking down minutes of meetings 

14. Creating basic reports (reports on weekly tasks, deliverables, sales) 

15. Preparing Slideshows (Powerpoint Presentations) 

16. Liaison between you and other team members 

17. Recruitment (source for other team members like writers or graphic artists) 

18. Set-up Social Media Accounts (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube) 

19. Manage and update Social Media Accounts 

20. Manage your Blog (Basic WordPress Skills) 

21. Publish posts on your Blog (content you provided) 

22. Filter and reply to comments on your blog 

23. Answering support tickets (with the use of Zendesk) 

24. Blog commenting (to increase links to your site)

 25. Participating in discussion forums or message boards (more promotion!) source.


 How much do VA’s earn?

According to Payscale, “Women account for the majority of Virtual Assistants in the United States. The entire group has an average salary of $15.57 per hour. Geographic location and tenure each impact pay for this group, with the former having the largest influence.”

It appears that with a bit of training, one could very well be on their way to a career as a VA! The pay is usually pretty good and new companies (that will need your services) are established quite regularly. Take advantage of the resources listed, upgrade skill if necessary. Much success on your journey!




Wordwide 101 –A popular platform that has Personal Assistant jobs. Seeking to fill Executive Assistant and Social Media & Marketing Specialist positions.

TimeEtc –A platform for freelancers to find VA positions. Hourly rate matched to your skills! 

Belay –Seeking to hire a Virtual Bookkeeper. Location USA

Free Up –Seeking to fill various virtual Assistant positions.

VirTalent –A platform to locate VA jobs. Must live in the UK.

TaskBulletUSA –An employment opportunity for Virtual Assistants. Open USA positions.

VMG –Has Virtual Assistant openings. Flexible scheduling. Applicants hired based on experience. (Offices in California and India).

Zirtual –Seeking to fill open Virtual positions in the Columbus Ohio area.

Surplus Hands –Seeking to fill 2 Virtual positions; Virtual Assistant, Independent Sales Associate. Canada/USA.

RedButler –Seeking to fill Executive Virtual Assistant and Travel Service Provider positions.

eLuminous –Seeking to fill several Virtual positions. Those interested in applying should send inquiries to:

Tasksbay –A platform that seeks to hire Virtual Assistants. Several open positions; PHP Developer, SEO Specialist, Content Developer, Quality Analyst, Customer Support Executive (Semi Voice Process), BDE, Systems Administrator. Interested parties should forward resumes to:

 BottleNeck –A platform with openings for Virtual Assistants. USA.

Ideas Unlimited –Seeking to fill several Virtual positions. Hires are conducted year round. Positions such as; Call Center Support, IT Support, Internships, and much more. Offices located in US, Phillipines, Pakistan and therefore only accept onsite workers from those countries.

TaskPapa –Seeking to fill open Virtual Assistant positions.

Persist –Seeking to fill open Virtual Assistant positions; Full Stack LAMP Developer, Persist Assistant (Remote).

Outsourced.Ph –A platform for Virtual Workers to find assignments. Many varied openings available. Philippines.

Fancy Hands –Seeking to fill open Virtual Assistant positions.

Vortex360 –Seeks to fill Virtual Assistant positions. US, UK, Ireland.

TaskMolly –Seeking to fill Virtual Assistant positions. Those with an interest should forward resumes to:

EquivityVA —Seeking to hire VA’s available Monday – Friday. PT available from 9am – 6pm. Bachelor degree from 4 year program required. Work from home. Must have Laptop, Cell Phone, and quiet space to answer calls.

Get Leverage  —Seeking to hire VA’s. Flexible work schedule starting at $20/hour (generalists). Work a minimum of 15 hours per week.

Remote Workmate –A platform seeking to fill several Virtual Assistant positions; CRM Administrator, Project Manager, Scheduling Specialist and more.

Priority VA –A platform seeking to hire VA’s.

Mindy Supports –Seeking to hire Virtual Assistants interested in careers in Marketing and international sales. —Seeking to fill Virtual positions for workers in the Philippines.

SupaHands —A platform for Virtual Assistants to find assignments. Work when you choose and earn at your leisure.

NSVirtualServices –Seeking to fill Virtual Assistant positions. Based on their interest in your application, you will receive an interview via Skype.

20Four7VA — Seeking to hire VA’s in the following areas; Philippines & the rest of Southeast Asia, Eastern Europe, Jamaica (US Territory), India & South Africa. All work is remote. Work full or part time. Pays weekly via PayPal.

DontPanicMgmt –A platform seeking to fill open Virtual Assistant positions.

VirtualGalFriday –A platform seeking to fill Virtual Assistant positions. Such positions as; Virtual Receptionist, Legal Assistant, Paralegal, Medical Assistant, and Executive Assistant. 

Team Delegate —Seeking to fill open Virtual Assistant positions. This position is part time. Applicants must have 2 years experience as a virtual or executive assistant.

Assistant Match —Seeking to train and hire new Virtual Assistants.


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