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Enjoy your career but require more flexibility? There are many companies that hire virtual

employees to complete office based tasks from his-her personal home-office location. Many

of the brick and mortar establishments we see today have several ‘virtual’ competitors. When

I first started searching for work at home positions, the only ones I seemed to run across

regularly were for professional-level applicants. Many of the positions require specific

certification and are not for entry-level applicants.


Each company will have a set of rules to follow regarding the application process, please be

mindful to follow those rules. If there is no application link until you submit an email, please

do so and complete the process in order to be considered for employment. When people

work virtually many companies ‘contract’ them for work; meaning the contractor (you) would

bill the company for the hours worked and be paid on a certain schedule. Though there are

companies that will hire you as an employee.


Please be prepared to submit an updated resume, any work files or portfolio information  and

anything else one would need to apply for a position. Because the work is virtual, organ-

ization’s not only interview by phone but also by VOIP(which is phone service that

requires an internet connection), and often by SKYPE or other video conferencing tools.

None of the companies listed should ask you for payment information unless they want to

know where to send your earnings.




Though you will not be paying to get a job, you may be required (for certain positions) to

submit a background check or drug screen to be considered: these fees are usually paid by

the applicant. All organizations have not expanded their services worldwide, so be sure to

examine the desired location before attempting to apply for any position; many are

location-specific. Please feel free to return here and let me know if you have applied or

already work for any companies I have listed.



Bookminders –This company hires experienced accountants, 4-year degree preferred in accounting or business, 5 years accounting or finance experience, car for local travel to meet with clients. Please visit the website for specific details.  Applicant must live near Pittsburgh or Philadelphia.

CHMB –This company seeks various professional positions;

  • AR Specialist–Escondido, CA
  • Marketing Specialist–Escondido, CA
  • Patient Financial Representative–Escondido, Ca
  • AR Specialist-Lisle-Chicago, IL

Please visit website for application instruction(s).

AccountingDepartment –This company has positions open for Virtual Accounting Manager, Virtual Client Implementation Bookkeeper, Virtual CPA Controller, and Virtual Full Charge Bookkeeper. All positions are in the USA and remote.

ClickAccounts–This company hires bookkeepers and accountants. Right away you are asked to submit a resume, but I would advise you to poke around the site to see if you will be a good fit with the company.

Intuit –This company hires for various positions like design, software engineering, administration, customer service and support and more.  Positions currently open in Arizona, Massachusetts, California, and Nevada with a few listed as just ‘remote’ which may signify anywhere in the USA.

Upwork –If you’d rather perform more freelance work instead of one with a traditional schedule apply here. This is a remote job board where users can locate remote work in accounting.

BatemanAndCo –This company is seeking part-time telecommuting staff with CPA certification. 3 years of prior public accounting experience required. Texas residents preferred.

TAD –This company hires professional accountants. They are not currently hiring, but you can still submit a resume for future consideration.



Admissions –This company hires those with experience in admissions.

Clarity –This company hires corporate training consultants experienced in instructional design, e-learning consultants jobs, L&D project management, Corporate training, facilitation jobs, and organizational development.

IKM –This site is seeking those with experience in sales consulting, and business development.

HRAdvice –Hires applicants with 10+ years of HR experience. A functional HR specialty required, networking ability, strong work ethic, and be able to work independently, and follow strict deadlines.

TPO –This company hires experienced consultants with HR and outsourcing consultancy experience. ONLY hiring in the Greater Washington DC area.





Design & Tech

ArtLogic –This company hires those with software developing skills.

TECHNEKES –Hires for various positions; Healthcare rep on-call, Eloqua Marketing

automation Specialist, and Agriculture Sales and Marketing Consultant.

Gifthub –This is a job board specifically for developers.

GrowthHackers –This site is for those with “hacking” and marketing skills. –A freelance website for developers.

PowerToFly –Remote jobs in tech.

TechMeAbroad –A job board for start up companies recruiting those with tech and

developer experience.

DigitalOcean –Various positions open in developing, IT, Network engineering, software

engineering and more. Location Specific.

HelpScout –Android software engineer. See site for further details.

GeoSearch –Geospatial jobs; GIS, GPS.


Health Care

McKesson –Various positions open technology, project management, and sales. 644 open positions around the USA. Please visit the website for further details.

MaximStaffing –This company hires for HIM/Medical Coding jobs. medical-remote-travel-coders. Benefits available. Please visit site for further details.

RemoteMedical –This company hires those to perform remote work that have medical expertise.

HenryElliot –Health Care IT and Support positions available. Consulting, contract, and remote positions available. Programmer and developer opportunities available. Please see website for further information.

AHIMAS –This is a virtual job bank that specializes in health care administration and support positions.

CareNet –Hiring for various positions in health care. Location specific.

HCRINTL –This is a medical recruiting company that recruits for several different positions. Those qualified are asked to submit a resume.

Permedion –This company hires physician reviewers.

PipelineRX –This company is seeking clinical tele-pharmacist positions. Job duties will include;

  • Remote order entry and order verification
  • Therapeutic drug monitoring and management
  • Medication verification and drug utilization review
  • Prescriber consults and recommendations

Job Requirements;

  • An active pharmacy license
  • 2 years of clinical hospital inpatient pharmacy experience
  • High-Speed internet access
  • Willingness to see license reciprocity
  • Work from home

Please visit site for further details. Remote/US

HIMJobs –Health Information Management Jobs.


Higher Education Jobs

HigherEdJobs –Remote jobs for those in the higher education field.

 SNHU –Seeking to fill faculty positions for online and continuing education.



DSG –Remote Federal HR Specialist.



JobMote –A resource of telecommuting jobs for IT professionals.

Community –Entry-level IT jobs. Health Care




Inbound –A job board for remote marketers and more.

MarketingEdge –This is a job board for those interested in the marketing field.

RemoteOK –A virtual job board that hosts various job categories.

3LittleBirds –Email marketing manager wanted. Remote positions.

HelpScout –Director of marketing position. See site for further details.


Worth a Visit

Dell –Popular computer manufacturer. Various open positions in; consultancy,

project management, financial pros, HR, legal, marketing, corporate communication,

and more.

RemoteCo –Remote job board with various professional openings; core developer,

software engineer, IT recruiter, head of SEO and more.





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  1. Hi Audra,
    This is a place to go for complete job listings. I am very impressed with the comprehensive details of various opportunities. You’ve done a lot of work here and I hope many people find your site. Well worth its weight in gold. Well done.

    1. Hi, Chuka. Thanks so much. You are right, there is a lot of work that goes into locating these resources. lol Sometimes I’m working on one post for a few days trying to piece it all together. Thanks for the visit! 🙂

  2. I have been looking for ways to make money online for a while. Your information is very helpful. You put a lot of time into your research. I hope I can find the right position to be able to work from home.

    1. Hi, Larry. I hope you do too. It can be difficult to find the right fit for your lifestyle. I hope you find something you’d like to do. If you need any help, please send me an email or message me and I would be glad to help. Thanks for dropping in. 🙂

  3. Being able to work from anywhere in the world is awesome! I don’t think I’ll ever want a brick and mortar job again. I was in Jamaica a few weeks back and did some work for my site while sitting by the pool! Totally worth the upfront effort.

  4. Hi Audra,

    Interesting post, when I think of working for myself from home, these are the sort of jobs that immediately spring to mind.

    This will really be of interest to some friends of mine, they are looking for more flexibility in terms of working hours, so I’ll tell them to give this a read!

  5. Hi Audra. What great info! I’m very interested in finding out more about some of the companies you’ve suggested. Only issue is, I’m currently in Belgium. Do you think I can still apply?
    Thanks again for the information.

    1. Hi, Liz. Many of the positions available may have a “worldwide” tag on them which means other areas besides the USA. Are there any in particular you were interested in? Also when there is no location specified, often that may also mean worldwide.

  6. Thanks Audra for all the information you have provided above, it is well researched. I will be returning to your blog to check out some of your recommendations.


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