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To many of us voice over work is not such a new phenomenon. If you enjoy shows like ‘The Simpson’s’ and ‘Family Guy’ then you know voice over artists are a necessity for such roles. Voice over artists can often ‘voice’ more than one character in a show (Seth McFarlane, creator of Family Guy does the voices of Peter, Brian, and Stewie Griffin).

The position of voice over artist can be found in such areas as; Television, radio, animated series, business and advertising campaigns, narration, voice over translation, video game production, audio books and e-books, and much more. We all have something that is an asset and unique to only us….our voices. Many of the companies listed encourage newbies or beginners to apply.

There are many resources available online for training, to create voice over demos, to network with other artists, and even to become a producer in your own in-home studio. There doesn’t seem to be much experience needed, but don’t expect to be auditioning for Disney! Some companies may want you to have demos prepared before your initial audition, so it may be wise to create a few for your portfolio.

There are companies that seek people who have already established their in-home studio, or are in the process of doing so: though there are still companies that prefer for artists to live within certain distances from their main office; so not all positions will necessarily be virtual. I find that often organizations like to see their artists every so often for briefings and so on. This position is one that one could work on his/her own schedule as long as deadlines were adhered to. This seems like a job that would be fun to perform. I would advise those of you who are new to the industry to seek out the organizations that aren’t looking necessarily for professional artists.



There are certain skills that are required of voice over artists to be successful. What could one possibly need? I mean, you just speak, right? Wrong! Though formal education isn’t a requirement, most voice over artists are actors, or have otherwise proved his-her talent(s) within the industry, so preparing by using some type of voice coaching would be wise. Take advantage of the resources listed to boost or gain skill in the industry.

I wanted to find a video to show you of someone in the industry already working as a voice over artist. I found a few good ones to show you;




So if you are interested in becoming a voice over artist, there is training available and many resources to help you get started. There is a way to break into the industry without much experience. Most jobs have an entry level where newbies can gain experience, and this job is no different. Did you notice in the first video “newbies” are encouraged to try the ‘micro-job’ sites to find gigs to earn experience? Gig sites are usually recommended because big jobs are split into several different smaller jobs, and this aids those with no experience in certain fields to gain needed experience. Good luck on your journey! 🙂



SuchAVoice –A resource for beginners in the industry.

EdgeStudio –A resource for voice over artists.

VoiceOverInfo –A resource for voice over artists. Tips

and best methods.

AOL –A resource of info for voice over artists.

MediaShift –Resources and tips for voice over artists.

VoiceOverExtra –A resource for beginners.

AlisoCreek –A site about everything voice over.

Chron –Tips on how to get voice over jobs.

GravyForTheBrain –A resource for voice over artists.

VoiceOverX –A resource for voice over artists. FREE


VOC –A resource for voice over artists.

BizParents –A resource for child voice over artists.

DirectVoices –A Resource that talks about voice over pay.

Great Voice –Receive voice over training.

Get Started in Voice Over –FREE resource to get started.

Vo Prep –A resource for beginners.


Voice Over Jobs

GlobalDigitalDivide –Hires voice over artists.

UpWork –A job board with open voice over positions.

BackStage –A job board for those in entertainment with

voice over and other openings.

VoiceBunny –Hiring voice over artists.

Voice123 –Find voice over work.

VoiceOverRealm –A job board for voice over artists.

StudioCenter –Hiring voice over artists.

LinkedIn –Posted openings for voice over jobs.

VoiceOverInfo –Hiring voice over artists.

JobMonkey –A job board with open voice over


SnapRecordings –Find voice over work.

UKVoices –Hiring voice talent in the UK.

Voices –Seeking voice over talent.

MVON –Find voice over work.

VoiceHunter –Seeking voice talent.

VoicesOnCall –Hiring voice over artists.

MediaMatch –Seeking voice artist and voice captionist.

Location Specific.

CaeerBuilder –A job board with openings for voice over


VoicesPro –Jobs and auditions network.

AuditionsFree –Seeking to fill voice actor positions.

StarNow –A job board with open voice over positions. UK

SunspotPros –Hiring voice over artists. Ashville, NC,

or Orlando FL.

VoiceBank –Voice over casting network.

LAAuditions –Voice over auditions. LA.

ProVoice –Professional radio voice over jobs.

ExploreTalent –A job board for voice over artists.

VoiceToons –Voice casting for cartoons.

VoiceJockey –Seeking voice artists.

VoiceJungle –Seeking voice artists.

ProComVoices –Seeking voice talent. Must live

within one hour of NC Studios.

CheapVoiceTalent –No studio fees. Free

auditions for voice talent.

ProudVoices –For voice artists. Not Currently

hiring. Check back frequently.

VoiceOver –Seeking voice over artists.

Experienced Only.

PreciseVoices –Seeking voice over talent.

InternetJock –Seeks voice over artists.

Bodalgo –Hiring voice over talent.

VoiceOverBiz –Seeking voice over artists.

Indeed –A job board with open voice over positions.

Behind The Voice Actors –A job board to find voice acting


NV Talent –Submit voice over auditions.

Michigan Voice Over Talent –A resource for voice over

talent jobs and training.



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  1. A great and useful website where I can learn all I care about the subject . You really have a lot of interesting information . I’m glad I found you and I definitely became your reader because you helped me with my dilemma . Thanks!!

      1. Thanks for sharing this valuable information to our vision. You have posted a trust worthy blog keep sharing.Nice article i was really impressed by seeing this article, it was very interesting and it is very useful for me.

  2. Oh wow, what an awesome idea to share for work or possibly even a career.
    It never occurred to me to try and do something like this in my spare time. So this could really be something you can do from home and in your own time? I suppose good equipment would be needed so if I wanted to give this a go I would need to upgrade my goods!

    1. Hi, Lynne. Looks like I may have to do a video for this post. Its gotten a lot of attention. I think we all have a ‘side’ that is probably a character and a good fit for these gigs! All you need is a bit of training and the right equipment, my friend. Let me know what you decide, I’d love to interview you about your journey! Come back soon, and Good luck! 🙂

  3. I have been doing all kinds of voices my whole life, always willing to have fun and play a role. I had wondered a time or two about whether or not I could do something more with it, but never really looked into it. Now you have me eager to look more into it! Thanks for the heads up!

    1. Hi, James. I’m so glad that I could help! Come back and let me know of your experiences, I’d love to share them with my readers! Thanks for stopping by! Come again soon! 🙂

  4. Hi Audra,

    I’ve never thought of doing voice-overs as a career path. Mainly because I don’t think I like the sound of my voice very much. Lol. But I do find the idea of narrating for audio and e-books very interesting as I read to my kids a lot 🙂

    1. Hi, Yvonne. I think this category has everyone thinking about the possibilities of this career. It just sounds fun! lol Your kids would love that! I bet they love the sound of your voice, you’re mom! lol Thanks for stopping in! 🙂

  5. I never thought of earning money doing voice overs. Do you feel their is a lot of competition for jobs? Or are they pretty abundant? How much does a job usually pay? Thank you

    1. Hi, Larry.That is a good question. The competition would really depend on how many people are actually seeking voice over work, and through the same venues. Regarding pay, I read an article that states pay as high as $200 per gig. Good luck. 🙂

  6. Hi Audra,

    WOW!! You have a ton of information on your site!! That’s Great! That is really wonderful that you have put so much information into one place so it’s easier for people. So many people want to work from home and don’t know where to start. Thanks so much for sharing your research and knowledge.

    1. Hi, Shannon. I actually enjoy it! lol Now I don’t feel like I’m researching just to keep busy, I’m actually helping. Thanks so much for stopping by and come back soon. 🙂

  7. There are so many ways a person can make money online. I’m sure most people have not even considered the idea of doing voice over. As you have shown, there are many places to look for voice over jobs. Thanks for the great article.

    1. Hi, Fred. I’ve always said the internet has made our possibilities endless! To be honest, it has me thinking too. lol Sounds like a fun job. Thanks for coming by, Fred. Come again soon. 🙂

  8. I’d never really thought of this as a career path. I took vocal lessons for years and then decided to move into education instead. Audition occasionally for jobs like these sounds like it could be fun. Will definitely explore this further.

  9. wow, i never gave voice over a thought. I’ll have to brush up on my speaking skills before giving this a try!

    1. Hi, Jaron. Neither did I! Makes you want to start making demos, eh? lol I think it is a great opportunity to control your own financial destiny. Thanks for commenting. Come back soon! 🙂

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