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We Go Look is a neat app I discovered a few months back that pays users to complete tasks in their area. There are several apps currently that pay users to complete tasks and their popularity is increasing! Such tasks allow freelancers/contractors to work on their own terms: users accept only the assignments they want to complete, if the pay and location are to his-her liking.

We Go Look is a service I have signed up for, but have not had opportunity to complete any assignments for because a vehicle is needed (one car family ??). I can tell you that assignments come quite frequently to my email address: on average at least twice per day.

What does a looker do? Lookers are people like you and me who go to complete these ‘looks’. A look can range from taking pictures of merchandise on a shelf, to pictures of vehicle damage. A looker gains proof for the employer of whatever it is they need. Lookers are dispatched when a person or organization request services. Any tools needed to complete the assignment will be listed along with expected compensation for the task. Lookers are basically freelance inspectors.

How do I know when looks are available? Because a clean background check is a requirement, once that has cleared, users can start receiving assignments. (May take 24-48 hours) The organization has an app on Google Play and IOS that can be downloaded by regular users. I usually just wait for the email notifications. If you are one who doesn’t check email frequently, I would download the app so no assignments or pay will be missed.

Lookers are encouraged to dress in business casual attire and to behave professionally at each task site. A smart phone or other equipment may be needed to complete assignments.




How much do lookers earn per task? Pay is anywhere from $25–$200 per completed task. Expect pay within 2–4 weeks of completed tasks. Pay is via PayPal or direct deposit.

Who can become a looker? Lookers must reside within the USA and be at least 21 years of age to apply. Must have a reliable vehicle and a smart phone available to complete assignments. No experience is required to be considered.

I searched all over to find any inkling of whether or not these lookers are being paid by the organization and could not find any. The good part about that is, I also searched We Go Look under SCAM and nothing came up but reviews of what the site offers. I’m hoping no payment proof means that most users request their funds to be direct deposited. Here is a video I found where the CEO is speaking about the service;



How do I sign up as a looker? You simply go to the website, fill in your information, and wait for them to contact you with your sign up instructions. You can sign up directly by clicking here.

Concluding Thoughts: I believe this is a good opportunity for any person residing in the USA to earn an extra income. The assignments come fairly regularly, and as far as we know, so far, no users have complained about non-payment! Though I am a member, I am not receiving any compensation for telling you of this opportunity. (You earn only by inviting others through email ?? ) Always investigate these opportunities for yourself! (Due Diligence!) You may discover something I’ve missed! Much success on your journey! 


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  1. Hi Audra, this seems like a good extra money opportunity. I will definitely check it out! There are many online job possibilities but not all of them legitimate, good to know that this one doesn’t look like a scam. Thanks for a great review and the details.

    1. Hi, Elektra. I’m glad you enjoyed my review. I’m shocked to be getting such a response from a review! I even had the company reshare my post on Facebook! How awesome is that!! Thanks so much for stopping in. Come back soon! 🙂

  2. Audra,

    As someone that is always looking for ways to make additional income I appreciate your review of we go look. I will take a look at it Pun Intended. Just purchased a second car and would love not have to pay for it with my current income stream. Out of all the ways to make money from home which is the most profitable in your opinion?

    1. Hi, Juan. I believe the Crowdsourcing site have become the most popular. The most profitable opportunities are those that allow you to start your own business and-or work on your own terms. Freedom is the key. Though I have noticed that many positions online pay pretty well. Thanks for stopping by. Come again soon! 🙂

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