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WFH Jobs With No Set Schedule: 70+ Companies Listed





When most people think of working from home they think about the possible tax breaks and the flexibility of working when they want to. Even when you choose to work at home (depending on what you choose to do) it may not necessarily mean you are in control of your pay/schedule.

Often the flexibility of remote work is still attached to a boss, a set schedule, set pay, and certain things you can and can’t do as a contract employee. That also depends on whether or not you are still considered an employee with the flexibility of working from home, or if the position is a contract/freelance position: there is a difference, contract/freelance employees are not often eligible for company benefits, no matter how many hours of work he-she puts in weekly/monthly.

There are companies that allow freelancers/contractors to sign up to complete work when their schedule allows. Those are the jobs I will talk about and list for you today. Many of us do have obligations that keep us from working a traditional job. I know several caring for aging parents, disabled children, or themselves newly disabled and these jobs help to supplement or create incomes for those households. 

Perhaps you are not disabled, but in school and looking to earn extra money and earn it when you need/want to. You may be a young adult new to the job market and want to gain skill doing something that could translate into a career. There may be several reasons one would choose a job with no-set schedule, you absolutely do have options!




Most sites where you can log on and off and work when you want to are considered freelance websites. Many on this list you may have seen or heard about before now;


Call Reviewer


Reynolds & Reynolds College Station, TX.  / The focus of this position is to answer pre-recorded phone calls and evaluate them to determine whether or not important sales were missed. And there may also be opportunity to discover leads from handling the calls.


Freelance Writing


Freelance Writing

TextBroker   / This category focuses on writers who want to write at their leisure. Most job boards post open writing assignments with the prospective pay, and those qualified either bid or apply to assignments. 


Data Entry

People Per Hour

Virtual Bee

Data Plus 

MegaTypers  / These jobs are associated with performing data entry tasks when you have the time. You can log in and out and start and stop working at your leisure. These are contract/freelance positions.




Tutor Vista

Varsity Tutors

italki Most often with tutoring, you control how much you make and how often you work. These are remote/online positions.


Music Reviewer

Slice The Pie

Music Xray These positions are for freelancers to listen to new music before it is released and to give a short review about what you heard. You can log in and work when you want to.


Mystery Phone Shops


Call Center QA


 TeleXpertise  These jobs are considered independent/contractor positions. Users can make calls at their leisure and complete reports for submission. These are paid on a per piece basis. — For TeleXpertise, you must email them at:


Phone Jobs

Live Ops 

VOIQ  | This is an independent agent position. Users must be at least 18 years of age and reside in the USA. $65 fee for background and credit check. They are basically looking for fraudulent charges/chargebacks. I called and asked though it says on the site that it is not based solely on the credit score. Agents can work when they choose in increments as small as 30 minutes at a time. VOIQ is an app for those with at least 1 year customer service experience to place calls to their clients.









Mechanical Turk

Click Worker  These jobs are for freelancers who work when they have free time in their schedule. Most often pay will be submitted upon completion of assigned work. Here users sign up and work under his-her specialty/skill set/industry.





Quick Tate  These jobs are for those interested in freelance transcription assignments. The companies are known to accept beginners if the entrance exam(s) can be successfully completed. You work as often as you want.




Pure Content

Kirkus Media  These positions are usually for skilled writers who’ve already written/chosen a specialty. I listed a few that are pretty well-known and are willing to accept newbies as long as the entrance test(s) can be successfully completed.



We Go look

Field Agent

Easy Shift 

Task Army  | These are apps downloadable through Google Play and ITunes. Users complete tasks or gigs at his-her leisure and receive payment. Gigs are location specific, so you will be required to input country/city/state/zip to receive gigs.




Pro Referral

Air Tasker 


Task Rabbit.These are chores and errands that you can run in your area (when/where available) at your leisure. Chore and payment will be disclosed before completion, you choose the ones you want to do.


Virtual Assisting

Time Etc



Task Army 

Guru  | These are freelance sites that need virtual assistant help. You can sign up and log in and work when you want to. You accept assignments only if you can complete them.


Micro Tasks

Rapid Workers

Job Boy

World of Micro Jobs  | These jobs can be done at your leisure and usually take only minutes to complete. Pay is usually small because tasks are small. This is a good place to start for those inexperienced with freelancing.






Rent A Coder

99 Designs

Coroflot  | These jobs are for those with experience in coding or design. They are freelance websites where you choose the project(s) you want to work on. As long as you finish assignments on time, there should be no reason why you couldn’t complete tasks at your leisure.



Pro Translating

Translators Work


Lion Bridge

LSA Web  | These are jobs for translators. Sign up and work at your leisure. Some may require experience or background in a specialty.


Miscellaneous Freelance

Wonolo –This is a freelance website. The site says you can sign up, find a job you like, and start working! No resumes required. You can find the app on Google Play and ITunes.

Daily Postssearching for talented writers. Writers from around the world welcome. Full/Part-Time available. Most writers work for around £7 to £14 per hour. Higher level work is available for exceptional writers too. A virtual office from which all staff work on a self-serve model. Writers can take as much or as little work as they wish, as long as the satisfy quality levels and meet deadlines. 

Babbel –Seeking freelance translators for proofreading. French, English, and Spanish to interpret Brazilian Portuguese. Berlin

Task Team — This is a freelance website for  Administrative Support, Billing & Collections Branding / Marketing SEO & SEM Content Management Customer Service / Live Agent Data Mining & Research Dictation & Transcription / Email Management   / Lead Generation Order Processing / Social Media Personal Assistant / Time Management / Web Design / Writing Service. Pay is $11-$25/hour. USA/Canada

Truelancer –Seeking telemarketer and Customer Service Exec. to take phone orders for Direct TV. Each order booking receives a $15 commission paid weekly. Excellent communication skills, customer service/support, and telemarketing experience required.

News ModoA freelance website for journalists. They connect journalists and content producers with briefs from news outlets, publishers, agencies and brands seeking unique perspectives from around the world.

Story Hunter —  A platform that allows media professionals anywhere to find more work, build their portfolios, manage their businesses and be part of a global community with the same mission.

Work Tasker –This is a freelance task site. Users are paid for completing tasks they’ve chosen, from completing chores, to making possible repairs. Sign up is FREE.

Work ShoppersThis is a Crowdsourcing site. Users sign up to complete tasks in; IT & Software, Design & Media, Customer Service/Support and more. 

We Like To Work— A freelance marketplace for UK residents. Seeking talent in such areas as; sales & marketing, writing & content, administrative support, design & multimedia, customer service, business services, web development, software development, networking & information systems, coaching, and translation.

Band Camp –Seeking to fill the following positions; Public Relations Manager, Freelance Writers, Developers, and Customer Support.

I wanted to stress the importance of following the trends toward Crowdsourcing and micro job sites. Businesses are realizing that these methods are improving the way business is done. Bigger projects are broken into several assignments instead of one big assignment: this also puts many people around the world to work because more work is becoming available. 

Micro job sites are a good place for new freelancers to start, or those new to earning online who may not have the skill to fill the available jobs. This is a way to learn new skill in a less threatening atmosphere, and with quicker feedback on job performance. Here are a few micro job sites that are new to me. Take advantage of every resource and acquire skills that will earn a decent living online.


Micro Job Sites

Geniuzz — A micro job site for the Spanish speaking community. All I know is that folks…can’t read Spanish but did not want to leave this one out.

ShortTaskWork on individual Tasks. You get paid once the Seeker approves your work. Complete as many Tasks as you like, under your time, and at your convenience! Research, Data Entry, Writing, and Design.

Translation Cloud  –Translation Cloud is the 21st century cloud based factory, where people work as language translators in English, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, Portuguese, French, German, Italian and other languages. Everyone who is fluent in at least two languages and has a desire to earn side cash may sign up. It’s FREE. All you need is to have a valid facebook account and to pass a language proficiency test.




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  1. Wow! The list you have accumulated here is quite intense and thorough. Many people are trying to go the work at home route. I’m pretty sure your list will guide many to do what they desire most, which is stay at home to work.

    It seems you have much knowledge in what you are talking about, great way to let others know.

    Thanks for the great information.

    1. Hi, Jagi. Thank you. I try my best to find the most unique opportunities. I have been researching WAH jobs for more than 8 years…so I know a little bit! Lol Thanks so much for visiting today! :

  2. Hi Audra. I’m new to making money online. I want to find something that I’m interested in doing instead of menial tasks. Do any of these companies focus on methods more suited to mothers or working moms? Flexibility is great to be able to work whenever I can when my kids are asleep.

    1. Hi, Sarah. Absolutely! There are several companies that allow you to work on your own schedule. You choose when and how often you work. Feel free to search my site to see what interests you. I’m always ready to answer questions! Thanks so much for stopping by. :

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