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I wanted to share my experience(s) with WHAFF. WHAFF is an app you can download that pays users for downloading and trying apps! I am the app-girl, so I’ve tried my share. I had fun with it, you usually need to play the apps or interact with them from 2-4 minutes (depending on the app). Most times you receive your reward once you’ve downloaded the app, but I still interact for a few just to see if I like the game.

Other Ways To Earn

Earning does not stop at downloading apps, which is one of the reasons why I’m a big fan! Users can earn just be checking attendance, which is basically notifying the system that you’re checking in. You earn $.01 for check-ins and can do them once per day.

There are offer-walls to earn from. What an offer wall is is a page where users can complete certain tasks for certain/specific companies and earn. Usually each company will pay differently and the earning amounts will vary. You can expect to take surveys, purchase products, download and try software, watch videos, sign up to offers and more by way of an offer wall.

There’s more! There is a section for premium offers. These offers allow users to download and play games or apps for a time (varies) and receive an incentive say $.05. If the user keeps the app on his-her phone for a certain number of days, they are paid $.01-$.02 for each day it remains on the phone, plus the $.05 you earn daily from returning to the app and playing further. So you can basically earn $.25 give or take just for one app.

How to receive payment

Users are paid once your balance is over $10.50. Payment is via PayPal and usually will be in your account within 72 hours. Usually 48, but they say 72. They absolutely pay! I have never had any problems receiving payment from them. I have and currently use this app to earn extra income. There are several apps that allow users to earn extra income, this just happens to be ONE of my favorites!

Recent Updates

The recent updates to the app have not received good reviews! I do have to say that recently the app does crash more often, offers do not always credit to your account, and of course that’s frustrating because you’re trying to earn. As with any technology, there will always be kinks or flaws at each phase (hence, the reason for updates! ?).

I still recommend the app and believe it is a decent, easy, quick, method to earn extra money. Especially since I always receive my payments and they do try to update regularly. I do notice that offers pay a bit more. I have already been paid more than $50. You can find the app on Google Play or go straight to the site to read about its benefits here.

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