When To Throw In The Towel!




There are many times while aiming to discover best methods to earn online that you may just want to give up! It can become frustrating on particular sites to earn a decent amount. Unfortunately, my first instinct is to never give up, so I’ve wasted un-retrievable amounts of time on sites that were a waste of my time.

When you have a family and a household to finance, you need money and making pennies a day won’t help accomplish much, if anything! We know that pennies add up, but if I’m making .00001 per day or even .001 per day, how much monthly am I making? Can I pay a bill? Gas up my vehicle? Take the munchkins (my nickname for minor children) out for ice cream?

I intend to save some of you from wasting your time as well. Unfortunately, some of you may already be wasting or have wasted yours. I logged in a few sites to earn money and one of my favorites was just deleted from my to-do list, and that is PaidToLogin.


What is PaidToLogin?

A site that does exactly what its name implies, they pay you .001 each day you log into the system. Users earn advertisement impressions at each login, allowing them to showcase any programs they’re promoting. These ads are shown as you login to the site. There are 10 levels to earn from, but quite frankly you’d have to invest a lot which is also a feature to add to earnings, or recruit 10,000-100,000 people into your downline. I have about 500 altogether and it’s just frustrating and too time consuming (as far as waiting for the big payday that never comes.

Currently, though today was definitely my last day logging in I had only reached a profit of about $0.02 per day. So totally not worth it! I know many click sites that pay .001 per click, but there are other features and multiple ways to earn, with this site there is only one thing to do so earnings remain limited. Looking back, I’m shocked I held on this long, but I’m done. Lol

One other slow earning site (that still pays users) is I can never get any offers to credit except the one cent offers, and there are not any clicks  least 3 days or more out of each week and they are usually only worth .001-.01. You are seriously lucky to receive the one cent ads, they are rare.


What is



A popular GTP or Get Paid To website. There are different ways to earn here similar to others like; watching videos, completing surveys, clicking ads, and completing offers. Not only does most every site have these features, but they usually earn from them, I haven’t!

I don’t believe in luck per say, so I’ll just chalk it up to a bad experience  I’ve had to learn from. How so? Well, none of the surveys ever worked for me in more than a year, and once I started trying offers and not receiving the pay I just stopped and only logged in to click on ads. Bad idea! Ads aren’t available daily, and when they are there may be an ad worth .001, or sometimes 1 penny, if you’re lucky or believe in luck!

It just seems like it’ll take me another 6 months just to earn the $0.50 I’ll need to cash out at $1, so I’m throwing in the towel!!



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