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When Writer’s Block Hits You!












Oh, NO! My mind is blank, what should I do? Believe me, this will happen more often than any of us would like to admit! So, what do we do when this happens? Do anything that can draw out inspiration! There are a few suggestions I can pass along to help during those times.

1. Read popular blogs.  I am in no way advising that you plagiarize anyone else’s material! Popular bloggers usually have articles that attract thousands of readers daily, and can be a good start for new ideas. A couple of my favorites are The Penny Hoarder, and BlogLovin. They both keep me on my toes regarding the latest blogging trends.

2. Try social media.

What the? Yes! Social media  is a huge platform (no matter which you choose) filled with all kinds of information. You can always learn what those Kardashians are doing, find out what Donald Trump’s latest tweets were, or whether or not Tiny will divorce T.I. or could their reconciliation be real! Of course those are just a few headlines from Facebook and others. There are also blog pages, business pages, and others to be referenced and to draw good ideas from.

3. Talk to friends and family/Networks.

Our circles are usually filled with loads of data and good information! Our friends, family, and those we’ve connected with through business can be great inspiration for writing and other tasks. I know I have many friends who travel often, I get to enjoy their trips via photos and video thanks to technology. We learn from those around us without really thinking about it. As parents, how many of us can say we’ve learned from our children? It happens! Lol.

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4. Watch your favorite movie/Read a good book.

Often when we are relaxed or doing things we enjoy, we gain inspiration. I love my girlie movies (not love stories…stuff like Steel Magnolias or Fried Green Tomatoes), but my favorites will always be comedy and fantasy! Yes, I love Harry Potter, I’ve always been obsessed with Merlin and King Arthur, and My favorite shows are usually the fantasy/action hero ones like, Once Upon a Time and Gotham. It’s been about 2 months since I’ve read a book from cover to cover, but great inspiration nonetheless. Regarding comedy, I go to my old school favorites like Steve Martin, Richard Pryor, Chevy Chase, Jerry Lewis, and Leslie Nielson.

5. Ask Google.

Although Google is my roll dog, I would choose Google last! The reason I say this is because it may seem intimidating when the results are usually in the millions. You can ask Google anything, but it’s often up to you to narrow your search to specifics, in order to find what you seek.

Concluding Thoughts: All is not lost and life is not over just because you don’t know what to write next. Ask any author and they will tell you, it happens! Use your tools and resources to gain new inspiration for your next project. Much success!




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  1. Really great suggestions on writer’s block and I really like your website. Happy New Year Audra. I will be coming to your website often because i really want to be successful working online.

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