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Wow Sucks!


I have to share my experience with Wow! It is a cable providing service like AT&T and Comcast. I have been a loyal customer of Wow for the Good part of 4 years. I can’t say their service is any better than others I’ve tried. I have been an on-time, never-miss-a-payment type of customer…..gotta have internet service!!

Has service been perfect? Absolutely not! Like your provider (most perform similarly), there have been moments of dead air or ‘your internet connection was lost’ messages. There have also been times when the network was so bad, that my searches just spun…..and never went where I needed them to.

Because I update my blog daily, I need internet service: there’s no way around it! So far, I’ve been without service for a couple of days. Why? Well, I will give you the explanation given to me by the Wow representative I spoke to;

Rep: Audra, your bill has been paid consistently and we have no record of missed payments. You did not make February’s payment ($57), therefore incurred a $10 late fee.

Me: So what you’re telling me is that although I haven’t missed any payments, I missed one in February (though you just told me I hadn’t missed any). I’m not being charged the $57 for the month I missed (but didn’t) just a $10 late fee. AND to add insult to injury, I received no notifications, emails, or any correspondence referring to the ‘missed’ payment. Yet, I still have no service, is that what you’re telling me?

Rep: Yes, ma’am. But you did miss February’s payment.

Me: Sir, you’re ticking me off! You just told me I have not missed any payments!



We went back and forth like that for about 40 minutes, until I was tired of arguing with someone who obviously didn’t understand the words coming from his own mouth!

As a loyal WOW customer, you are abused and mistreated! Will I receive a credit for this trumped up late fee? Probably not, and I am still without service! If you’re reading this blog, it is because I figured out how to post from my phone.

The only service they provide to my household is internet, and they can never keep my account straight!! Who is running the place, anyway?? 2 days without internet service for $10!!

I paid the late fee they claimed I owed, but still no service! I was told it would be on within 24 hours of payment but we’re already headed toward hour 48! I get so irritated by the internet and cable guys, they just do what they want and still expect payment!

How have your technology providers treated you? Feel free to rant in the comments!!  Sometimes that’s all we have.  My opinion on this entire fiasco? WOW SUCKS!!

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  1. Hi Audra
    I was actually nodding my head as I read the conversation you had with the rep. If I had a dollar for every time I’ve had that kind of conversation with a service provider rep, I’d be a rich woman. Sometimes I think the left-hand doesn’t know what the right-hand is doing. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hi, Jessie. Don’t they drive you Nucking futs? Lol What’s up with that? Lol I think it’s what my mom use to call ‘brain-dead’!! ???. If you can’t comprehend what words are coming from your own mouth….that’s a problem. I also say it is a lack of training, but the bosses should handle that. These people in business kill me with their methods of handling customers. They wouldn’t last long in my company. Lol. Thanks for stopping in, love. Come again soon! 🙂

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