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I am always on the look out for unique or odd jobs we can all do to earn online. Though I don’t believe these are the oddest jobs out there, It was a surprise to discover their existence. It took me quite a while to even come up with a title for this blog!!

Some of these jobs are seriously odd, but others you just wouldn’t think of doing! I’m always trying to decide which to include and which to leave out! Believe me, I still find plenty of junk online I choose not to promote on my site. Most of these are opportunities I had stored and not yet shared…there is still so much to share, but it certainly couldn’t all go here!

I hope you find something on this list that interests you, if not be a pal and pass it on to someone who may be interested! ?? I am often asked what benefit I receive from telling others about these jobs? Well, I don’t know about you, but I enjoy sharing with and helping others!!  ☺️☺️☺️. I also see many families and single parents out there trying to make ends meet and I’ve been there!! Most of the companies I promote, I have not heard of too long before posting: I am not affiliated with every organization I post about. I also usually share the experiences I’ve had with certain companies or websites, so I at least hint at the ones I’ve already tried.

I become frustrated with the unending negativity and ‘Scam-o-Phobia’ (don’t really think that’s a word, but it fits!) people continue to express regarding working at home, when most have never looked for JOBS, but searched for ways to become rich or make quick money!! Those are the best methods to be scammed!! Most money made quickly has been made illegally, or one party has been scammed by the other! The only method to have money coming in regularly, is to maintain a J-O-B or some type of freelance job.




Thats how I feel when I learn something new…I can’t wait to share!! I only share legitimate  opportunities and have not tried to deceive anyone. For what? People get scammed enough on their own, by not doing research for themselves, or by just being greedy and not reading between-the-lines. NO SCAMS HERE!

Why did I choose the title I did? Because like most of you these opportunities are new to me, and I am surprised at the neat ways I keep finding to make money online or at home. I still have so much to share, so stay tuned!! Much success on your work from home journey!


Micro Jobs

MateBux A social website that allows users to earn from their referrals. There is a stepped-cash out system from $2–$8 for standard members and $2–$6 for premium members. Complete tasks. Pay is via PayPal,  Neteller, Payza, and Bitcoin. App is on Google Play.

Half –Sell your books on EBay. Please see site for further details.

CardCash –Sell unwanted gift cards for cash.

Hair Affair –Sell your hair!

Hair-Sell-On –Sell your hair!

Cuddle Up To Me –Sign up to be a Cuddler! You heard me right! This site looks for compassionate people who want to get paid to cuddle others! Future cuddlers sign up here! ??

Second Life –A Virtual world that hires virtual workers/actors. Pay is per action. May not be for visitors under 18 years of age.

Shared Reviews –Write, Play, Learn! Enhance your writing and editorial skills by creating your contributor profile and strategizing your way through 50 different levels of publishing greatness. Unlock new abilities, collect fun rewards, and learn how to create the most engaging content online! It’s challenging, fun, and like no other publishing platform you’ve ever seen.

Clinical Connection –Get paid to participate in clinical trials.

Center Watch –Get paid to participate in clinical trials.

Givling –Get paid to answer trivia questions. App is available on Google Play and ITunes. Pays via PayPal.

Scour –Get paid to search the Internet.

Awesome reminders –Make calls to tell people how awesome they are! Sign up is free. Here.



Amazon Flex –Make $18–$25/hour delivering packages for Amazon with your car and smartphone. Now in the Atlanta, Austin, Baltimore, Cincinnati, Columbus, Dallas, Houston, Indianapolis, Las Vegas, Miami, Milwaukee, Minneapolis/St. Paul, Nashville, New York, Orlando, Phoenix, Pittsburgh, Portland, Raleigh, Richmond, San Antonio, Seattle, Tampa Bay, and Virginia Beach metro areas.

Plowz & Mowz–A neat app I discovered that allows mowers and snow plowers to streamline his-her business. There are fees and paperwork necessary to conduct business. App is available on Google Play and ITunes. Pay is via check or direct deposit.

Work as a handy-pro–Home Depot sponsors a service that connects handy men and women with jobs in his-her area. Pay is via check or direct deposit. There is an app available on Google Play and ITunes.

Scoop Shot –Anyone with a smartphone can get paid for their photos and videos. The app is on Google Play and ITunes. Once photos or videos are purchased you will receive a notification on your smartphone. Pay is via PayPal and direct deposit.

Near Jobs –Complete chores for others and make money. The app is on Google Play and ITunes.

Errbit –Formerly known as AgentAnything, is a tasking site for college students only! New

York & New Jersey.

AirTasker –A website for individuals for completing tasks, from house cleaning and handyman services, to pick up and delivery tasks. App is available on Google Play and ITunes.



Zintro –Sign up under the ‘expert’ tab and complete contract work. IT, Engineering, Plastics, and more. 10,000 + areas of specialization.

Rent-a-Friend –Get paid to be a ‘social partner’. Earn Up To $50 Per Hour! Plus Free Meals, Free Concerts, Free Sporting Events, & More! Not a dating site! You set your ‘rental’ fees.

Air BNB –Rent out living space to earn extra income. See site for details. Worldwide opportunity.

Roomorama –Much like Air BNB. Renting out your space to earn income. See site for details.

Vayable –Become a tour guide and show others your favorite or new spots in your city to earn money. See site for further details.

Street Team Promotion –If you are not timid when approaching strangers, this may be an opportunity for you. These teams can often earn between $15–$25/hour. See site for details.

Flex Professionals –A freelance site for professionals. Developer, Accounting, Marketing, Sales, Etc,. DC, MA, VA, MD.

Brilliant –Problem and quiz writer (mathematics, physics). Can work a minimum of 12 hours per week. This is a full-time remote contract position.

Telenotes –Hiring part-time transcribers. Must type at least 70 wpm. Pay is piece rate and averages about $11.50 an hour depending on speed and quality of transcription. In office training required: Must live near Taylorsville, UT.

Brides Maids For Hire –Hires women to be stand-in brides maids. Cool, right?

Loanables –Rent your stuff. You set up your own prices.

Fixya –A freelance website to find and complete tasks. You can request a task or sign up to complete tasks. For technical support type of questions.

ListVerse –Get paid for writing useful lists. Pay is via PayPal.

Ephemera –Seeking slogan writers.

IXL Learning –Seeking an experienced illustrator. This is a remote/contract position.

Voco Vision –Seeking a licensed SLP to work remotely. 15-20 hours per week. Must have 3 years of recent school experience.

StarPoint –Seeking a jr. Web Designer. PT/Remote.

Averity –Remote Data Engineer. Compensation $180,000–$215,000.

BPO Mart –Data Entry work. India.

Ticket Puller –Get paid to help people get great seats.

Our Unsent Letters –Is a service where users write letters they never got to send to someone. Users are paid when their letters are chosen.


Paid For Exercising

Sweat Coin –Did you know you could be paid for your workouts? Earn cash for living healthy, paid by members who don’t. Available on Google Play.

Healthy Wage –Bet on your own weight loss and win cash incentives.

Diet Bet –Lose weight and earn.


Customer Service/Tech Support

Camping Reservation Agent –Work at home position. PC required, no wireless connections, no all-in-ones.  Seasonal position. Must type 20-30 + words per minute. Maryland residents only.

DryBar–A blow-dry bar seeking customer service support specialist. Must have excellent customer service ability, comfortable in a fast paced environment answering many calls, and responding to emails. Must have a quiet workspace. Must live near Irvine, CA.

Legacy –Open position for content screener-entry-level. Screen online condolence messages according to established guidelines. Position pays $11/hour. All shifts are Central Time:

Tuesday – Saturday, 10am-2pm
Tuesday – Saturday, 2pm – 6pm
Tuesday – Saturday, 6pm – 10pm
Friday – Monday, 10am – 2pm

Illinois or Indiana only!

Beepi –Seeking a customer support specialist. This is an over-night support position. Must have 2 years customer facing experience. Must attend 2 month on-site training. Applicants must live within 60 mile radius of Los Altos, CA.

Virtual Pros –Seeking Call center agents. Arise partner/IBO opportunity. Fees involved. Must certify through Arise. USA.

Vicky Virtual –Seeking At Home Call Center Support Agents. Must type 50 + wpm and take accurate notes. A computer and headset are required. Pay is $10/hour. USA Only!

Vasumo –Work as a virtual assistant. Visit the site and send them your resume.



The Best IRS –Seeking temp-to-hire insurance adjuster. (Remote location). $29–$34/hour depending on experience. 2+ years of experience required. Applicants must live near San Antonio, TX.



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  1. Audra, This is a fantastic list. Just what I’m looking for. I like the idea of Awesome Reminders. Been thinking of a similar concept as part of an entrepreneurial idea. It is going to take some time to browse through your comprehensive list and you know what, I’m going to spend time going through every single one. I will definitely share this to my social media network.

    1. Hi, Kenny. Thank You. I always try to discover new ways to earn money from home. Quite a few on this list are strange and awesome at the same time! Lol Thanks so much for sharing! I hope you come back to share which ones you try…or to let me know how your business venture is going! Thanks so much for stopping by. Come back soon! 🙂

  2. Hey Audra!
    If I was ever need for a new inspiration for a job this is deffinelty the post I will return to. Amazing work, as the last commenter mentioned it must have taken ages and you have done a really good job! I think I might consider for myself – Awesome reminders –Make calls to tell people how awesome they are! Would that not be the best start of your day? And to get paid for. Whaaat! 🙂

    Wish you all the best,

    1. Hi, Reelika. I thought this was a rather unique list. Lol I thought the ‘Cuddler’ job was hilarious until I saw how much they are paid!! Lol ($50/hour) Makes you want to be a Cuddler. Lol I think the awesome reminder was pretty cool too…getting paid to do odd things is in. Lol Thanks so much for stopping by love. Come back soon! 🙂

  3. Hello Audra
    you have worked hard on this post. It must have taken you ages to put together this list.
    Some of these did make me smile – Cuddle Up To Me:)
    Thank you

    1. Hi, Jackie. I do work very hard to bring my readers relevant and current opportunities. Thanks so much for noticing! Right, paid to cuddle? How interesting….someone’s doing it, or they’d be out of business. Lol thanks for stopping by. Come again soon! 🙂

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